Abyad company

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ghulam2Abyad The Company was founded shortly after the Canal was put under the guardianship of the body of the sheikhs. Idriss ibn Ghulam Suleman was then a young serving a sheikh, Ahmed ibn Khalid, who had been attached to the security of the Concorde channel.
One evening Idriss overheard several sheikhs. They were discussing the daunting task before them and tried to reach agreement on how best to perform them at best.
Ahmed, young and cheeky, allowed himself to intervene and suggested the group together to create a militia to help the diplomats in this task. For Idriss, it would be easy to find young Khalimans willing to commit for the prestige of this noble case.

The sheikhs looked at him a moment, stung by the untimely intervention of Ghulam. Ahmed answered and, addressing Idriss, offered to take care of this task since it seemed so easy.

Idriss took to heart the mission he had been entrusted.
So he created the company Abyad, the White Company, which would aim to help the sheiks in their policing along the Concorde channel.
The news of the founding of this organization came quickly Shaddukiam, the capital of the republic, and many Khalimans looking for adventure decided to join Idriss.

To facilitate the recruitment of new members, Idriss put in place a rule that still continues to this day: Regardless of your history and your past, whether for your new brother you are ready to pass away.”
The Company does not consider the history of its members simply acts performed within it.
This leads the Company to accommodate particular Khalimans leaving penitentiaries of the Eye and the Tooth or seeking a form of forgiveness.
For a period, many ifrit qaniss also joined the ranks of the Company. Thus, over many cycles, the Company was composed of only Khalimans.

Things have changed since then.
The Company welcomes more willing members from all Mornea even if the first rule of the Company is still in force.
Recently, the Company has also headed the first non Khaliman captain of its history, this is Li Wei Chow, rugged brawler coming from Cheng.

Today, the Company is distributed throughout the channel of the territory in several outposts. But it has its headquarters in the city of Brise on which it before. Especially as the city sees a lot of merchants and tourists.

Although the task of Abyad Company remains fundamentally the same since its creation, it is not the only service bodies Khalimans diplomats. It also often accept convoy or escort missions to bring to life the many members who compose it.
However, the company still chooses scrupulously to honor contracts and adopt a particularly strict code of conduct.