3 Water Sprite more powerful than it seems

3 Water Sprite more powerful than it seems

Dec 14 alkemy_the_game  

A Water Sprite is deployed along with Litam Bint Sorhna. Then, they can only be summoned by the second alchemical formula of Litam, and a maximum of 3 Water Sprite can be in play at the same time.

Sacrificable miniatures

Water Sprite have no point cost, and can be summoned every round by Litam Bint Sorhna. Thus, one should not hesitate to give them the ungrateful tasks, even to sacrifice them, it is not serious since it will be possible to invoke again. Little life points, low REFlef, low DEFense but it’s not important. With their COMbat of 3 and a table of DAMmages quite weak, they will still be able to inflict DAMmages to the enemy miniatures. In addition, they have the Fearless skill which means they will have no penalty to load Frightening miniatures.

Miniatures in synergy with Litam

Water Sprite have the Alchemical Decline skill, which means that they will lose 1 life point each round end, which can be canceled by spending an alchemist stone. On the other hand, this skill makes that they are dangerous with the first formula of Litam which makes it possible to trigger a Roaring Wave to each of the Water Sprite. They will hit any enemy model at 1 inch free of them, without the latter being able to reply.

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