• black-friday-bandeau

    Black Friday

    Alkemy Black Friday operation from friday 00:00:01 to saturday s23:59:59. Miniatures, game stuff, books, the entire online store at -25% ! 🙂 http://alkemy-the-game.com/shop/

  • 2-alchimiste-soleil-cristal-uk

    Alchemist of the School of the Crystal Sun

    Other than minor alchemists that only have one formula and 2 AP, the Alchemist of the School of the Crystal Sun in the cheapest alchemist

  • 1-mordrem-uk

    Knight-Errant Mordren de Klarmen

    The third Kingdom of Avalon hero with 3 AP costs 40 pts. Mordren de Klarmen is more versatile than the other heroes. Mordren has neither

  • 4-chaman-nuit-loup-uk

    Wolf Night-Shaman

    The Wolf Night Shaman is one of the most difficult Aurlok miniatures to play. It can bring a considerable contribution to an Aurlok troupe, in

  • 3-abdelan-uk

    Abdelan Ibn Malikh

    Abdelan Ibn Malikh is a Khaliman hero with a very specialized profile. In fact, pure support profiles in this faction are quite rare, and consist

  • default-image

    English forum is created

    Hé ! Great News ! An English forum is created. Visit http://alkemyen.freeforums.net/ Register and participate. A big thank you to Saramin 🙂

  • default-image

    English forum for chronicles of Mornea

    The Chronicles of Mornea are a gaming campaign organized each year on alkemy forum. This is a set of scenarios, connected by a story, offered

  • default-image

    Alkemy, miniature game at the best price / quality ratio

    In early May, Alias has launched a subject on Warmania forum on various aspects around the miniatures games. More than 120 people responded and good

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