The one who has lost his reason

Sep 19  alkemy_the_game  

In 779, the three tribes set off on their journey, taking all their possessions, even the venerable elders and pregnant women. Their advance is slow and exhausting, the caravan getting lost several times in the desert lands. Supplies reduce quickly […]

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Find back Aurlokan, the father of all tribes

Sep 16  alkemy_the_game  

In the beginning, the Radosi were Aurlokan’s children. When the Alchemical War broke out in 754, the Aurloks were caught off guard and could not resist the relentless advance of the Jade Triad’s army. Even though they were focus on […]

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Survival, fight, blood and fire

Sep 12  alkemy_the_game  

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER 30th SEPTEMBER Rados is a matriarchal society with slavery trends and shaped around four pillars, coming from their bloody origin, each one associated to one of the four major Cults of their religion: survival, fight, blood and fire. […]

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Three tribes of Aurlokan’s children

Sep 12  alkemy_the_game  

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER 30th SEPTEMBER Barely escaped from the Triadic Army during the Alchemical War and then lost in the fringes of Mornea, three tribes of Aurlokan’s children sank into oblivion for all the other inhabitants of Mornea, including their former […]

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Operation Chronicles, reduction on starter box and blitz lists during 1 week!

Aug 29  alkemy_the_game  

Since the chronicles restart, we propose to start the game or to discover a new faction or subfaction, until Friday, September 6 evening. So, this is the best way to join the chronicles 🙂 Starter box for 2 players at […]

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Mornea Chronicles Saison 2019-2020

Aug 28  alkemy_the_game  

What is Chronicles? Chronicles are an organized game on Alkemy forum since 2010. They start September 1st until the end of May. The goal is to make an organized game for the community, to play players, to discover scenarios, to […]

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Watanka The Venerable

Aug 27  alkemy_the_game  

Long awaited by the players, it’s quite a symbol that appears… Watanka is a hero of the Aurlok Nation, and a character from the Lodge. Endowed with 9 life points, 9 in SPIrit, 3 in REFlex, 4 in COMbat, 10 […]

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Their head fell first

Jul 09  alkemy_the_game  

I never saw a harlot fighting like that, a true fury ! Not only she bawled orders in all directions but also she swinged her blade so quickly, slashing even the thoughest gafts. When the boys tried to change her […]

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I saw this priestess walking into the street

Jul 03  alkemy_the_game  

So far, I never had a chance to take a closer look at a religious sister. I cannot acces the temples and I understod long for a moment now that it is where they spent most of their time… I […]

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Their dance echoed ours

Jun 27  alkemy_the_game  

I can not say if I was amazed or terrorized by them. Their dance echoed ours, and yet they had nothing like us… No request for rain or any other favor from Nature. Only death seemed to be called as […]

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