Escapees Warband

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Escapees Blitz Warband. Chains, scorpion and scars. If you like Khalimans but you find they are too wise, play the bad guys and join the Escapees!

To play blitz format, you need game material:

or you can download game material on website:

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Hakan Ibn Suleman the One-eyed, 4 AP hero who combines a lot of skills. Tough (he loses 1 life less than the DAM indicated by the opponents), he has a huge crossbow called Scorpion that pulls up to 25 inches with a DAM table up to 7 DAM, he can use it only 2 times per round and has Perce Armor (he ignores the Tough Shooting skill). Many points of life, COM 5 and a beautiful DAM table

2 Suleman stranglers, elite troop 3 AP, a beautiful DAM table up to 6 DAM and their famous Chains that can attract to them an enemy miniature lying at 4 inches, and make them lose 1 AP.

Khalid Skinner, Elite Troop 2 AP, Cut Tendon that allows you to keep bonus dice for Sequential Attack (it strikes again when it hits an opponent). REF 5, COM 5 and DEF 12.

Bagnards of the tooth, base troop 2 AP, they are 2 on the same card, a beautiful table of DAM, REF 4, DEF 11.

Warband composed with 6 miniatures in resin with profiles card and plastic bases.


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