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Naashti faction blitz warband. Resistance, ouroboros and fire alchemy. Do you like special abilities and play with fire? Choose Naashtis!

To play blitz format, you need game material:

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Dar-Meh'ki, Vigile of Mem~Eth, hero 3 AP with his 3 back plates (he loses 1 dorsal plate every time he is wounded, but he loses life points depending on the number of DAM less the number of dorsal plates), he is Leader of Ouroboros (he rolls the white dice for the initiative and transmits his Mind to the Ouroboros) and Implacable Supervisor who allows him to charge for free by round an opponent (even if he has already charged attack into round).

The Master of Lightning Water is an alchemist 3 AP, he is fireproof (he does not undergo a DAM with lava) and he has 2 formulas, the first allows to deposit magmatic puddles that generate DAM to the miniatures that pass on, and the second is a lava flow starting from the alchemist who generates DAM too.

The Klaph-Ouros of Chim~Eth is an elite 3 AP troop, with 3 back plates and a very strong DAM table. He is cut for the fight.

The Waw-Ouros of Chim~Eth is a 2 AP troop, a shooter hitting targets up to 15 inches with his KamYodth and Fire Whirlwind that triggers a double shot.

The Naa~trooper is a 2 AP troop, with the Long Reach (it can fight from a distance without being wounded by enemy models that do not have this skill) and the Double Attack that allows to spend 1 AP to fight 2 miniatures at the same time. Its DAM table is atypical 2 2 4 3 3 5.

The Naa~Sabreur is a troop 2 PA, with a table DAM atypical 3 2 3 4 3 4 and he is Sneaky, he plays all the time 2 combat cards and can choose the one he wants after revealing the cards.

Naashti set includes miniatures (Dar-Meh'ki, Waw Ouros, Klaph Ouros, Naa Trooper, Master Water-Lightning, Swordman Naa) with profile card and plastic base.


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