Starting Offer for the Kingdom of Avalon

Starting Offer for the Kingdom of Avalon

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A "one-player" complete pack to start Alkemy in Blitz-mode. Crossbow, tough and numerous. Do you like simplicty and you want to begin the game slowly? Choose Avalon Starting Offer!

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Garlan Legat de Brall hero 4 AP, he is Tough (he loses 1 life point less than the DAM indicated by the opponents), Leader (you throw white dice for initiative and he gives his Mind value to friendly miniatures in 7 inches around him), he mix COM 6 and a phenomenal power with its DAM table up to 8 DAM. Garlan, pure strength!

Campaign Priest, alchemist 3 AP, he owns Long Reach (He can fight from a distance and can not be hurt by an opponent who does not have the Long Reach skill), and Religious Authority (a friendly miniature around 7 inches from him can use 1 AP freely). He owns 2 alchemical formulas, the first one makes it possible to make Tough the friendly miniatures around him (or even more Tough if they already have the skill), and the second one protects the allied miniatures which will make automatic DAM with the enemy miniatures which will hurt them.

Avalonian Retiarius, elite troop 2 AP, he is frightening 14 (an enemy model that misses the Mind roll will suffer a penalty for all his throws as long as he is in contact with the Retiarius), he owns Entanglement (an entangled enemy model suffers a penalty for combat, decreases its DEF by 2 points, and must spend 1 AP to disengage).

Avalonian Recruits, troop 2 AP. They are 2 on the same profile card and therefore activated at the same time, a DAM table strong enough for a minimal point cost (10 points per recruit).

Avalonian Crossbowman, troop 2 AP. They are 2 on the same profile card and are fearsome shooting. Their crossbow pulls up to 20 inches, and the DAM table is pretty good.

Composed of 6 plastic miniatures and 1 resin miniature (Garlan de Brall, countryside priest, 2 recruits and 2 crossbowmen and 1 retarius). Provided with bases and profil cards for Alkemy.

This pack also contain gaming stuff : 9 dices (3 of each color), a tape measure, profile cards, combat cards, rulebook 40 pages, pawns and felt pen.


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