Xian Ling, of the School of the Hazed Monkey

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

They were sitting like two old friends, joking and chatting as if time had no control over them. But perhaps he really had no power against these two young people so different and yet so similar. The hands of the largest waved incessantly, like the folds of his face. Members of the younger remained motionless, like dead eyes. But their tongues were never at rest, they always seemed to have a word to add. Then, as if time suddenly back to normal, the young Khaliman rose.
It was a pleasure, Master Xian.
It will be necessary that we continue this exchange Abdelan expensive, he replied. Their look only grazed the fight that had just ended

Considered in turn as an upstart or a young prodigy, Xian Ling, school mists of the Monkey, is one of the youngest alchemists of the Jade Triad. Armed with a particularly open mind to a representative of the orthodox triadic alchemy and a sense of humor to the test of the sword, he pursued a quest for knowledge that knows no moral or physical border. His humor and sometimes misplaced pest has left his mark in his way of practicing alchemy: its thousand and one pranks allow it to hurt more than the ego of his victims or to swap in a jiffy position two consenting combatants on the battlefield. How much has he alchemists thus saved from certain death, starting with himself, and how many young heroes found themselves in the right place at the right time with him?