Wolitse Night-Breeze

Wolitse Night-Breeze

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

– Advance Th’ry night is near and I do not want to stay in c’te forest …
Why qu’tu whispering? You afraid qu’les leaves hear us?
– This is not the leaves qu’font s’bruit there is comm ‘a tissue frott’ment.

The poacher had not the time to add a word, claws Wolitse already searched his flesh. His companion then saw other wolves emerge foliage all as quiet as their leader.

Renowned fighter of the tribe of Fury branches, Wolitse Breaker Night has always been an impetuous Aurlok, source of a thousand worries … as much for his tribe for his enemies. From birth, impetuosity had affirmed: the medicine shaman who made the world come also stated that his soul had been cut into the Waya fangs himself. And indeed, the young Aurlok Wolf had a turbulent childhood, although indiscipline is very rare in children Aurloks.
The seasons passed and the young turbulent Aurlok became an adult: a fearsome warrior, impetuous and galvanizing for the other warriors of the Wolf clan. Very charismatic and equally enjoying the friendship of the admiration of many brave men of the tribe, it is one of the most emblematic of the city of Aurloks Uwasa. While it is considering increasing the estate of the old sachem of the tribe Puthili Sapa-Black Snout, many would like to see access this title. Wolitse, meanwhile, cares little about becoming sachem: one account for his fight against those who-are-the-steel.