Wolf Thunder-Warrior

Jul 16 alkemy_the_game  

Believe me, especially beware of those who have a wolf’s head! They are vicious rogues. And they are more cruel than the worst clap you were able to catch Lady Morwen! They move too fast so you can hit them with your sword, and every shot they just stick you always accompanied by his little brother Serious;! keep them away these Aurloks there … and even from a distance because otherwise they throw you their ax to the head!
The last time we dealt with them, we preferred to burn the forest rather than confront them in the undergrowth. But in fact, it was made to burn anything, pas’qu’ils we expected setback. Bad day … “

Contrary to what their name might suggest, the warriors Thunderbird are not professional fighters. The Aurloks being pacifists, they have no army in the strict sense. But daily life is based to a great extent on hunting, activity where the ability to quickly overwhelm a living is an essential quality. In wartime, this expertise is cleverly recycled and hunters are the first on the front with their hunting tools, whether weapons or firing contact. They then take the name of ayawisgi-Wakiya: Thunder-Warriors.
That lightning, they strike hard and fast, before disappearing into the vegetation and start over. They are nimble fighters whose speed is paramount: the face of heavily armed troops or professional soldiers, they have great difficulty making weight since the confrontation lingers too.

Thunder-Warriors Wolf Clan favor stealth and progressive approach their prey, to shed on it and finally the rush of fast and deadly blows.