Wolf Spirit-Guard

Jul 17 alkemy_the_game  

There’s no noise there?
I should have know, penetrating night in the taboo area was a very bad idea, even with a message. Perhaps also will I have let my arms in camp as we had advised me.
– What’s that light?
A breath of air, time to get out of my bag roller, a blade had stopped against my throat.
You you are, gasp, your presence is required on the board.
With a gesture, the Guard sheathed his weapon and unrolled the message.

After their deaths, the Aurloks are buried in a mound which should be as close to the stars: it is for this reason that the son of Aurlokan build their tombs in the mountains, as close to the top, circular cemeteries . The dead are buried with their most valuable assets, these isolated cemeteries sometimes attract displaced desires, not to mention evil spirits that may lurk in the wild.
For these combined reasons that the spirits guard protect these sacred places. Their task is not only material, as maintained the graves and chase Snatchers, but also spiritual: taking care of the dead ghosts and chase away evil spirits that can harm them. They must also perform rituals to help spectra to mourn their remains. They are not warriors but shamans, even if their spiritual devotion is particularly strong. The necessity of having to protect these graves in the most extreme loneliness makes them highly skilled fighters, accustomed to the rigors of life at altitude.
When the war front is approaching a little too much of their territory, they temporarily leave their posts to join the ranks of the brave who face the enemy. They then have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of long months to train hard in the solitude of their cemetery: humans have often had occasion to fear these merciless fighters, including the fatal ornaments are particularly worrying.