Wolf Night-Shaman

Wolf Night-Shaman

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The Wolf Night Shaman is one of the most difficult Aurlok miniatures to play. It can bring a considerable contribution to an Aurlok troupe, in terms of number and in terms of firepower, but remains dangerously fragile. However, with only 9 HP and DEF 10, it strongly fears shooters and even small forces of Avalonian recruits or Malikh Meharists can endanger it, especially as its survival depends on the effectiveness of its formulas.

Its first formula gives it Frightening (12) and forces any enemy model within range to make a Frightening test with varying difficulty depending on the chosen enhancements, which juggle increasing the range and increasing the value of Frightening. If unsuccessful the model suffers the penalty until end of turn. In Blitz, this formula is certainly not to be neglected, since the smaller layout can impact many miniatures. Coupled with other Aurloks providing penalty dice, such as an Auroch Rain Dancer, the Wolf Night Shaman can temporarily disrupt the effectiveness of enemy figures.

Its second option is much more expensive (6 Earth components!), but this formula allows it to summon an additional miniature and choose from two profiles, usable immediately. The two profiles can be set on the table together. This formula offers very interesting tactical opportunities when outnumbered or to strengthen the Warband if it is in trouble at a specific point on the table. However, you should know that these two profiles can easily be removed from the game. In fact if the Wolf Night Shaman is killed or loses its last level of concentration, the spirit simply disappears. Fortunately, the Wolf Night Shaman can prevent the loss of concentration by paying alchemical stones, something he has in abundance! Once a spirit is summoned, you must protect the shaman at all costs, if not, you can suddenly lose two miniatures! Spirits are very good fighters each in their field. Their profiles are identical except for their special skills. They are immune to alchemy, are Frightening (14), Fearless and have above average statistics.



Ancestor Spirit: This is a very defense oriented spirit, with its skills Guard and Expert (Parry). It can easily take objectives, as few opponents will want to mess with such a guard. It is a great accompanist for the Wolf Night Shaman, allowing him to approach more fights to take objectives and providing the best security.



Spirit Hero: Much more offensive than its colleague, the Spirit Hero can be extremely violent with its Sequential attack, allowing it to multiply its attacks, and Expert (Normal) that allows it to throw more dice. It is useful at any time in the game, either the beginning to bring some punch or middle and late game to bring an unwounded fighter directly in the middle of the fray.


Examples of lists:

List 1: Tecum’seh Crow Sachem, 1 Wolf Night Shaman, 1 Wolf Thunder Warrior, 1 Toad Thunder Warrior, 1 Raven Thunder Warrior and 1 Auroch Totem Warrior

This list is fairly standard for an Aurlok troupe, but very versatile. It allows you to make the most of the Wolf Night Shaman abilities and formulas in a variety of different situations. The spirits are useful regardless of the circumstances and the troops. This formula can be useful to strengthen Tecum’Seh and the Raven Thunder Warrior. Indeed, if the opponent suffers penalty dice, the crows will be much harder to hit and can focus on the scenario.

List 2: Wolitse Night Breeze, 1 Wolf Night Shaman, 3 Wolf Thunder Warriors and 1 Wolf Spirit Guard

This list the the Aurlok Clan Wolf theme. In this list, the summoning of the Hero Spirit will be the most useful as it brings a new fighter with the Sequential attack skill to the troop. The Wolf Spirit Guard can effectively protect the shaman. Beware shooters, most of the troops being furtive, hiding the Wolf Night Shaman and the Wolf Spirit Guard will be vital, given their weak Defense!

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