Aug 20 alkemy_the_game  

– Listen…
– What?
– I don’t know, a whisper, like a… whisper,
he finally collapsing in.

Sculpted by Christophe Bauer – Painted by Barbouille

The whispers are warriors of the shadows from the school of the Moon Blighted. Their primary function is to eliminate the opponent at bay, quickly and silently; why they are armed with poisoned darts they learn to wield with deadly accuracy. No armor protects poison delivered by a well placed stinger! They are not left in melee but no use when the situation leaves them no other choice.

The main procedure murmurs of camouflage or disguise themselves to cross enemy lines until their next victim, usually an enemy officer. Murmurs often learn another profession such as trade, artistic expression or Medicine to help them in this task. Once slaughtered their target, they quietly retreated and joined the main body where these storm. Murmurs then assist their brothers in combat weapons remaining in second line and weakening the most difficult prey.

The life expectancy of a murmur is often very short and those who exceed the five successful missions are met in the ranks of the Moon Blighted. They then begin a new formation within the cobra guard that will lead them to victory or death.