Wakpa Cepe, River-who-Cry

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The confluence of the waters of Watosi those of Wakpa Cepe form a huge lake covered with water lettuce, pistiae, who gave it its name: Wahutka Ocu, lake water grass. Countless species of birds live there, nesting, and frolic in peace because few predators dare to venture in this crowd screaming waders, waterfowl and other water walkers.
North of the lake, the waters of the Wakpa Cepe stretch very slowly through the plains of Mako Sungwapa.

On the right bank, extends the tosacans glutinous forest constitutes a large bayou where it is impossible to move without Aurloks canoes. The aerial roots sprawling cross at amazing plants bridges that allow rare arboreal animals to have a solid floor.
Here, everything is moss, vines, hydromycètes The passage has to fight a canoe through the green water is immediately erased and it is inconceivable to expect out of this green labyrinth without a guide.

Cluttered trunks muddy sometimes give way through a gap in the canopy, a few sandy areas. But it would be dangerous to rely on it, it is indeed on these sand beds that sleep stripes venomous darts that Aurloks ogleze call.

This liquid universe brought joy Kapak families whose dams on the river tributaries maintain the water level. In spring, however, heavy rains caused the overflowing of these dams which gave its name to the Wakpa Cepe, the riverthatcry.

This inextricable intertwining is regularly traveled by young hunters tribes that roam Mako Sungwapa. The hunt for the PTA, the giant otter of the river, is part of tradition to the extent that foreigners have thought it was a rite of passage for young people.
This hunt unarmed allows Aurloks to show their qualities swimmer and hunter. It is also a significant source of high quality leather, high demand even in the cosmopolitan markets ports Concorde channel.

Unfortunately for them, some unconscious a little too eager sought to buy directly skins. Those who have been clever enough to escape the dangers of the bayou (venomous reptiles or amphibians, lassos-creepers, sucking swarms of mosquitoes …) and find the exit have succumbed to disease, such as that from the breast-en- flower, only the Pharmacopeia Walosi possibly can heal.

Upstream of the forestthewaters, the river carves its bed in the limestone plains where grow large wild meadows traveled by aurochs herds.
Large water source Atalvi Agleya descended from the mountains north, Wakpa Cepe is the meeting place of many tribes that roam the plains. It is also the preferred axis of communication Ravens Nunoga.