Waga Thunder-Warrior for Auroch Clan

Waga Thunder-Warrior for Auroch Clan

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The least one can say, it is the Waga Thunder-Warrior are at the image of their Waga Clan. There are very good fighter for troops (Com 4 and Damage Table 1/2/3/3/4/5) and we re-find the Tough/1 available on all the member of Auroch Clan. However, same advantages means same inconvenience. The thunder warrior have a DEF very weak of 9, lower value of the game, a REF middle and a number of Hit Point for Auroch. Moreover, like the Totem Warrior, their damage table has the inconvenience to be very progressive, encouraging to use and to abuse of the Brutal Combat Card to be sure maximizing the Damages.

Two miniatures in support for Waga Clan

That where they are particularly interesting, it is that they allow at the Waga Clan player, a higher latitude in the warband construction. They give the opportunity to do not play systematically outnumbered at five minis.
As Base Troops, they will be useful all the time, no matter of the mission (fight, movement, and scenario). They can quite play the scenario during The Totem-Warrior look after the opponents’ miniatures and support them after or do fully the opposite. They can take the opportunity of their resistance to occupy the miniatures while the other miniature play the scenario. They allow diversifying the Game Play of the Waga Clan.


List 1: warband with six miniatures

Wao Wa’Yake
2 Auroch Totem Warrior
1 Auroch Dancer with Drums or Auroch Rain Dancer with Horn
2 Waga Thunder Warrior
This list is an example of list at six miniatures newly possible thanks to the coming of the two Waga thunder Warrior. This allow more latitude in the strategies to adopt. The Waga Thunder Warrior, support by the Rain Dancer, become for the opponents extremely painful. The musicians allowing to erase in part the defaults of the progressive Damage Table (for the Drums) and, for the Horn, the weak resistance playing on the color of the opponent dices. These three miniatures can purpose a solid bastion, allowing at the hero and at the Auroch Totem Warriors to play, the Hammer role or the scenario. The presence of the Thunder Warrior allow to fill the principal default of the Waga Clan: the deficit of Action Points.

List 2: a very significant striking force

Wao Wa’Yake
Auroch Manitou Warrior
2 Auroche Totem Warrior
1 Waga Thunder Warrior
This list stay at five miniatures but she allow, thanks to the weak cost of the Waga Thunder Warrior to align a strike force very consequence with the Manitou and the 2 Totem Warriors. Even if, she fears particularly the shoots, she can cause many damages at the beginning of the game. You need to strike quick and strong and optimize the threat and the eventual impact of the Manitou on your opponent to bring him to play carefully, leaving yours hands free to play the scenario. The Waga Thunder will be to use differently, as you carry out the game and needs, or to play alone the scenario, where it will be not easy to your opponent to move the Thunder Warrior. You can also use the Thunder Warrior to bring a punctual support at your allied or again offer him in target at the opponent to encourage the Manitou Awakening.

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