Triadic Guard

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

Imperial Guard? Yeah, I m’souviens c’te of battle. thank you ! We were twice as many, yet was badly morflé! Even we struggled to escape! Dunno if It are halberds or choppers, but these weapons What z’utilisent are fucking evil! It took two months to get over it, and again I was lucky that the wound is not infected as for wholesale Louis has put three days to die! What, touch? But you laugh, you could not even approach them they beat us eight feet away!

Triadic guards form the most numerous ranks of the heavenly host, as long as it does not require the support of the provincial militias. These men and women have received jade burden for their exploits and therefore benefit for treatment due to their rank: better training, better equipment and especially a better sale!
Usually armed with halberds and recognized for their unwavering discipline, triadic guards are devoted body and soul to the Jade Triad. In addition to basic training, they learn to fight by three and their units are always multiples of three, not counting any officers who lead them. They can in turn take charge of cobras” to form a vanguard of “dragons” if they are to maintain order in a given area or “tigers” if they are to conquer by force.

The three roles that can play triadic guards allow teachers to schools in the Iron Heart of the Moon and the Dao Blighted Breath identify and recruit new students more easily. Number of triadic guards show a burning ambition and redouble their efforts as soon as the opportunity to join one of the three major schools arises.