Toad Wind-Warrior

Aug 20 alkemy_the_game  

The knight was proud of his soldiers. They had managed to isolate their attackers and is now preparing to encircle. It was the kill. The iron swords gleamed in the rays pierced the foliage. Their enemies, cornered, inspired their last breath. It happened then, soldiers have not understood. Only the knight saw the three toads jump and circle. But it is not there to be able to explain

Oblaye Itse intrusions have become so frequent point of the peregrinations walosi shamans in swamps are not as safe as before. The harvest of many vegetable or mineral components that require their potions has become dangerous. But the tribes can not do without their hunters and protectors, they were toads. Like their brothers Koga and under their guidance, some less robust walosi their brothers took the role of yutatatoka, warrior wind. After a quick training by their brothers and raven difficult learning of silence, they become experts in alertness. Unable to move at their speed, wind warriors brilliantly walosi use their ability to jump. Fast and discreet, they accompany shamans without interfering in their silent dialogues with moguls.

Number of wind warriors toads, like their brothers, decided to follow Tha’pioca on the warpath. Both scouts and silent killers, they have earned the respect of other clans. In Avalon, windwarriors have become the terror of the Beathacrann priests, for whom the slightest silence becomes now highly suspect.