The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Jul 21 alkemy_the_game  

explication-carteIn Alkemy, each profile has scores of Esprit, Reflex, Combat and Defense, as well as Action Points (between 2-4 PA), and a table Damage. That’s not counting skills and own formulas to each profile that result in very different roles on the gaming table.


The Good: Shaman Medicine Toad

The good are those who sacrifice themselves to let their friends alive. Some models can protect their cronies (Chinge, Guard Spirits Wolves Pilgrims Avalonian …). Shaman medicine can cure Toad, absorb the damage of Aurloks not away from it.

chaman1chaman2A true healer

The Shaman is not intended to fight, he enrolled in the lineage of healers. Aligning average figures (8 mind, reflex 3, 3 in combat, 10 defense), it can sometimes be useful in combat with a suitable Damage table, but it will be especially useful for playing the scenario with 3 PA, also well on “chests“, “alchemical Machinesan investment scenario like “The market of the horn.”

Empathy and Kiss Walosi

It must be in support of its Aurlok friends. Thanks to its Empathy rule, it can absorb bad 1 each time a friend Aurlok suffers Damage, significantly preserves its allies, including figurines possessing Corriace competence. He can throw the phrase “Kiss Walosito treat between 1-3 PV spread over 1-3 figurines. Nevertheless, we must find the right balance for the place with his friends and his enemies far enough.

Tip: the shaman sees red

The Shaman will reveal its effectiveness by absorbing Damage friendly models, but it will at the same time its own PV down very quickly, placing it in a very uncomfortable position. At first, it will use as much his rule Empathy”, so as to remove all her white and yellow PV, leaving him with only 3 red PV. It was at this point that it becomes the most dangerous. His second formula Animal Furycan target up to 3 enemies, they will suffer as many bad the yellow PV checked Shaman. So it’s potentially three enemies that can undergo 4 Damage each.

garlanThe Bad: Garlan, Knight-legate Brall

Gross are intended to slap the figurines of your opponent. Each of the nations has Mornea in. Some tend to mark the spirits of those who undergo them lightning. And one of the first of them is at the bottom of a filthy Avalon Marshes, near the border with Aurlok nation.

Brute pure

Garlan is a born bully, it combines resistance (10 in defense, PV 11, Coriace / 1) and power (6 fight, 4 reflexes and damage table breathable fineness: 3/3/4/5/6 / 8). This is the most expensive game character (50 points for recruiting). Suffice to say that a well placed Garlan attack can send the rug a suitable number of enemies in a single attack (Shadows of Jade Triad, and Jarayas Meharists Khalimans, Warriors Thunder Raven

A formidable opponent

It is good to do anything despite his very distinctive profile. He will occasionally rub the scenario and sometimes forget the enemies. Nevertheless, his 4 PA make it can fulfill both tasks with honor. The fear he inspired the opponent makes it one of the most feared figures Avalon and often turns into a target. That is why we must still support your favorite raw, with a country priest, for example, or with easily expendable recruits.

carte-combatx3Tip: Quick? This is not normal!

The character and the faction in general does not seem especially breathing reflection, hence the temptation to do the maximum damage, using the fight card (CC) Brutal Attack“, which shifts the damage inflicted a column on the right, with the disadvantage of often hit second. The opponent therefore will do anything to strike first and you weaken or even kill you if he can, with DC Normal Attack” which will grant him a bonus dice face your CC “Brutale”. Be crafty using CC “Fast Attack” that will give you a bonus die on the CC “Normal” will play your opponent. Therein lies the appeal of the bluff, trap your opponent when he thought he knew what you were going to play CC. If you get to play with your raw end, you have all the cards in hand to defeat your opponents.

The Ugly: Kabircheikh Hakim Ibn Khalid

The mobsters are intended to disrupt the game and tactics of your opponent. Each faction can align: retiarii Avalon rainhunts Aurloks, alchemists of the Jade Triad, but the prize for the most compelling figure for the adversary undoubtedly went to Kabircheikh Hakim Ibn Khalid.

Sheikh, hard to put down

Hakim is the opposite of a brute. It is not there to fight but to play the scenario and disturb the opponent. It has excellent ability to survive (12 Defense), Stealth (which puts free from certain charges and protection against fire), Diplomatic Immunity (a figurine wishing load must make a spirit in opposition, and with the best spirit of the game (10), it is difficult). In addition, the special rule Pacifist that each combat action, loading, shooting or alchemy is more expensive to undertake (PA 2 instead of 1), 5 inches around. Please note that this rule also concerns your allies.

The Ugly in the fray

His ability to move in the opposite camp unmolested (beware shooters, alchemy and high spirits, a bad die roll can happen quickly), to contest an objective to enable a machine, crochet is extremely safe useful. You can also do it to the heart of the fighting, to prevent your allies to crumble under the attacks of opponents, with its pacifist policy. Double edged strategy, it will be necessary to calculate your shot so that this tactic does not turn against you.

Tip: good chemistry

The Kabircheikh remains a lonely figure. It is stealthy, you will deploy the last, so you better get in front of its objectives and different from those that may harm it, especially the shooters. The support of the Alchemy is ideal to keep him alive. The presence of an Oracle or a Evocative behind him can allow him to reroll one die (Uchronie formula) or throw the white dice (Formula Tutor Ondin). The oracle Kabircheikh coupled to preserve your troops. Thanks to the formula Premonition, all Khalimans within range can react and fight free, offsetting to some extent the Pacifist Hakim, while the enemies will spend PA twice in Kabircheikh area.