The dice rolls

Jul 21 alkemy_the_game  

During part of ALKEMY, players will have to run many times dice. There are two main cases die roll: the jet and the jet characteristic feature in opposition.

Jet characteristic

In general, for a successful action, a figurine will test one of its characteristics depending on a difficulty level. For this you must roll two dice, color indicated by the figure of the state of health (white, yellow or red).

The player then adds their results and added value of the characteristic associated with the jet.

The jet is successful if it is equal to or greater than the predetermined difficulty.


Ex: Julien must roll Spirit of difficulty with 15 Tecum’Seh. He 8 Spirit. He rolls two dice and gets DES_blanc_3DES_blanc_4 +8 = 15. The jet is a success.

Jet characteristic in opposition

Sometimes they are two figures who oppose their characteristics. In this case, the difficulty depends on the jet of the opponent. Each player rolls the dice, like a normal jet and adds its characteristic feature.

Whoever gets the highest score wins. In the case of a tie, the figurine with the highest characteristic won the opposition.

If the characteristics are identical, players start again until one of them wins.

Ex: rookie Patrick and Ghulam Suleman of Nicolas perform a Reflex in opposition. They have respectively 2 and 5 in this characteristic. Patrick gets DES_blanc_4DES_blanc_4+2 = 10. Nicolas gets DES_blanc_1DES_blanc_4+5=10. It’s a tie. As Ghulam has a higher value, he won the jet.

Bonus / malus die

Certain situations or certain actions can make dice penalty or bonus to a jet. It is still dice of the corresponding color to the figurine health.

– 1 bonus die : The player adds one die to his hand and keeps both of his choice.

Example: In the case of one bonus die, Marc rolls 3 dice and gets DES_blanc_4DES_blanc_5DES_blanc_1 He chooses to keep DES_blanc_4DES_blanc_5 for a final score of 9. It could also choose DES_blanc_1DES_blanc_4 if the difficulty allows it to obtain a more effective combination of symbols (hache-hache).

– 1 malus die : The player adds one die to his hand but retains the two lowest values.

Ex: With two dice penalty, Marc must roll 4 dice. he gets DES_blanc_5DES_blanc_1DES_blanc_3DES_blanc_4. He must keep only the two dice showing the lowest numbers. Its final result will be =4 (DES_blanc_3DES_blanc_1).

Calculating the number of bonus / malus dice :

Sometimes a figurine get bonus dice and dice penalty.

To determine which type modifier, bonuses or penalties, applies the final to his die roll, perform a small operation:

bonus die die malus = number of dice (s) and type modifier to be applied to the jet.

Ex: For a jet, you get 2 dice bonus malus and 1 diced 2 penalty – 1 = 1 die bonus
malus 3 dice 1 dice bonus and malus: 3 bonus malus 1 = 2 bonus dice
1 dice malus bonus die and 1: 1 penalty – 1 bonus = No roll modifier

Limit launched and kept dice:

Whatever the number of dice bonus / malus gets a figurine of a jet, a player can not pitch more than four and can not add, whatever happens, that two.