Tha’pioca the Pot-Bellied

Tha’pioca the Pot-Bellied

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

The gargantuan Sachem Tha’pioca Franche-belly hurtled towards the enemy ranks an impressive bellowing war cry. Earlier, we would have thought incapable as he devoured his sixth quarter of meat meal, while laughing good with the brave heart!

This gargantuan Aurlok Toad clan is known among both his own and in the ranks of his enemies. They know him as a great warrior he must fear the terrible burdens punctuated terrible war cries. Despite its large body size, it is swift and dangerous: his heavy club smashes the bones and blood toxic poisons those who have the courage to face it. Indeed, Tha’Pioca grew up near the border Avalonian and there learned how to fight an enemy that shows no mercy: a creed that it endorsed and that led him to become the ruthless fighter he is today.
But for those of his tribe, the Stones-Who Boogie, Tha’Pioca is a sachem and jovial bon vivant, able to eat and drink as four and ready to celebrate with his family to the depths of the night, although his sudden fit of anger may arise as quickly as her laughter. They say they can shake the mountain itself, wake up the fire of the volcano Mountains.