Temple hospital Compline

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It’s supposed c’battre with us and ‘the cream of these swashbucklers Templars there? R’garde it! T’jours to remain hidden behind us … An ax emerges from between the trees suddenly shut the mouth of the young novice while wolves warriors leapt thickets. The soldiers of the Temple was quickly put in defensive formation while Bertus collapsed to the ground. I’ll not die like this, I’m still too young. Calm down, reassured him a voice behind him. Warm hands rested on his head, where the pain radiated. He must know that among us, not everyone attackers. Get up now and go into battle. Bertus resumed his spear, a gleam in his eye. That day, he proudly brought down his first Aurlok.

Serve closely Beathacrann and royalty Avalon are two reasons for Templar cross daily suffering of bodies, both in the pain of the fighting on graft members. Over the cycles, some brothers of the Temple have developed an intimate knowledge of the anatomy of men and fluids that make it work, becoming skilled surgeons campaign. But it still lacked the control of flows that transmit tenderness and fear the body. The effect of herbs was too random for a really effective use, especially on the battlefield.
Brother Michel, the Temple of Compline, had long worked as assistant collector. Become a Templar trainers, he asked his brothers collectors on the look of the sap that absorbed the body and drowned them in the Holy Tree. He learned and this sap, very fluid, numbing their fingers when their service was not adequate. Brother Michel, unbeknownst to all, reaped few drops of this sap and applied on the fresh wound of a novice. This instantly lost the feeling of pain and thanked him for his brother’s care. The novice died soon after as a result of many injuries that had not stopped, but Brother Michael had found what was to trainers.
Under the protection of the Seneschal of Compline, he created the body of the Hospitallers who was soon to spread in the other two monasteries.

Nowadays, it is common to see the Hospitallers accompany their brothers of the Temple in battle, a small bag with them and their fellow owe them life. If they are rarely present at the first shock, preferring to intervene to defend and care for, their swords not so far remains in the scabbard.
Unrecognized or ignored the people during long cycles, keepers of the Templebeginning to talk about them since they roam the baronies with their brothers, following the disappearance of the king. Regular soldiers and pilgrims calling their leaders the presence of these trainers with them. They believe that their priests are much more effective and secular church willingly confirms this feeling.
The officers of the Temple remain silent, as we advised them