Templar Collector-Monk

Aug 18 alkemy_the_game  

Degann ânonna chooses some stones and a short prayer. Novices felt their fists held more firmly their spears, they were able to wear more blows on opponents. The collector still approached some of them and the two Ravens were surprised to see that, despite the power of their attack, they had not lost their timeliness.

Although their equally happen to work alone or with a small team of handpicked servants, collectors brothers accompany equally regular armies. But their role has nothing to do with that of the country priests. Here, no vis-à-vis the people compassion or desire to preserve his faith, their mission is both more sinister and essential for the Church.
Indeed, they are responsible for ensuring that the least pleasant part of the Avalon binding pact to the tree of life is respected: the return of hosts and symbionts in Beathacrann for him to nourish. Thus, these men have the mission to fetch the bodies of vanquished heroes at the heart of the fighting or the enemy camp, braving the dangers that have just floored. Then, they must return to KerKastel, charged with a recognizable and generally very impressive carrion, to abandon a still worse fate than death in the tentacles of the venous tree. If many people to suffer their living conditions or hardness of the kingdom, only collectors brothers regularly contemplate the horror. Because their faith is often thin face protection to such a show and it is not unusual for their minds, yet driven, reeling.
But those who hold up sooner or later get used to the horrors and fear. Knowing they too will join the Beathacrann after their death, they approach every situation with the same equanimity that is chilling to their opponents and cheered their companions. Some did try to escape and regain the mere privilege to rest in peace, but apart from the legendary renegade brother Cestus, all succumbed to other collectors started in pursuit.

Here Alchemist Temple sub-faction! But beware, it may as well be integrated into a conventional Avalonian list where its 3 PA will be highly appreciated.
Besides its ability to act, the combination of spells and ability will make it a favorite target of opponents. Imagine Vitae Angelus with your allies get the competence Expert (Brutal) or Expert (Normal) if they already had, and if the collector is less than 4 ”, your allies do not die penalty. Place an Brutale” without penalty rate, what fun!
And if that’s not enough, combine with the Benevolence Beathacrann and your allies will even get a bonus dice.

To say that there are gossips to criticize the gifts of the Tree Life!