Jul 17 alkemy_the_game  

Nickname :

Club (s) attended (s) – City:
Sartrouville Figurines et Jeux, SFJ for friends

Forum(s) :
Many, I quite interested in the news of the game in general, in order: the Alkemy forums, Eden, Infinity and Furie, the games that I practice but also Warfo Warmania and for general information / GW , subjects stunning painting that there may be over and the importance of the case question from me community.
I am also the game forums that interest me: Mordheim, BFG, War Dystopian or Bushido. They are the first step towards fallen into these games but never mind!
I travel regularly for my minicréateurs wonder monthly dose. There really big names in sculpture and painting there.

In another area I keep an eye on backgammon, especially for board games presentations, the Edge forum for Zombicide news or figbazar for fiurinistiques occasions.

How did you discover Alkemy?
Thanks to members of the club, I came into the world a few months after the launch of the game when Nicoleblond or Barbouille started playing seriously.

Army (s) played (s):
The Aurlok in my early days, partly because they are relatively easy to handle for a beginner and I could not play triad. I went to the triad now I play fewer wrong!

tecumseh1Character (s) favorite (s):
In Profile: Tecum’She, Sao Feng and Ling Xiang
In concept Wolitse

Scenario (s) favorite (s):
Probably the spores of Amanita my most tense parts have all been on this scenario.

What you like about Alkemy?
Bluffing system with fight cards, degradation of performance profiles with injuries. The history of the game and its factions is also important to me and I read with pleasure Genesis.

Under what conditions do you play in Alkemy?
At Camthalion exclusively!

What is your approach to painting miniatures?
I try to do quickly and well. Right now I have no play opportunities so I take all my time.

Do you manufacture game boards or decorations?
Yes but for other games.

What are your favorite Alkemy figures?
Tamel’Seh, the inquisitor Jade !!!

Would you like to see in Alkemy?
The rest of the story in a beautiful book, and naashtis.