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We were only five, but we were invincible. How the swords of those who-are-the steel could they affect us, as we were led by Tecum’Seh?
Great as two humans, his slender body moved with the wind. When he fought, his movements were a deadly aerial ballet of such grace and such harmony that seemed to be inspired by Koga himself.

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For several cycles, the boundary between Avalon rich Aurloks land Copawige underwent numerous incursions by soldiers of the barony of Brall. The tribe silent Plains, which proves to be one of the main tribes living in the region, is forced to deal with these frequent unlawful assault.
For four years, Tecum’Seh is the sachem of the tribe perpetually confronted with the bellicosity Avalonian. This Aurlok Raven clan is full of wisdom and understanding: it is one of the best sachems that this tribe has had. But his patience was worn out and he begins to consider finding something other than diplomatic solutions to the conflict between the brave ones at that-are-on-steel. After reforming military use of wind warriors, he advocated increasingly organizing raids into enemy territory in an attempt to reverse the trend of conflicts: Avalonians push into a corner and strike a decisive blow on their rear bases.