Tamel’Seh Far Eye

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

The Manitous spoke. Their voice is mine because thanks to Flint, I am their guide Oblaye Itse.
The Manitous spoke and anger is brewing in their words.
The Manitous spoke and their words soon reach the ears of our enemies.

Of all the mind-shamans, Tamel’Seh is a unique case, an exception: where shamans mind-mediate for several manitous Aurlok this seems to have become the favorite of Koga, who put him in charge of transmitting his remarks on Oblaye Itse. This special relationship with the Manitou Raven made Tamel’Seh an individual part, often leaving his native tribe to cross Oblaye Itse and issue orders and guidance Koga those they serve.
It is protected and guided in his wanderings by a flock of crows that never leaves him and that individuals are perpetually renewed, which are also the official mark of Manitou on this shaman spirit. Very honored by the attention that it Koga, Tamel’Seh faithfully follows its guidelines. It is especially present on the front battles against Avalon, that Koga had expressly ordered him to push. It is not rare that the mere presence of Tamel’Seh put ill at ease even other Aurloks: strong the importance of his mission, “He who carries the voice of Koga” is a cruel person and easily authoritarian.