Table of Jade Triad – Tutorial

Aug 18 alkemy_the_game  

Nothing like a beautiful table to multiply the pleasure of the game.


Thib-O blog Nuton Cave explains how …

nuton01_1Obviously we begin by drawing the table plane.
The idea here was to get two square tables of 24 ” (60×60 cm) representing the lock of a channel. It is a table with plenty of water, but a few rules to play. Many bridges and pontoons will be needed and the figurines will be able to use boats to move on the water.


Make sure that different table edges are compatible. Here, the trays can be assembled as well on the other side.
It is not necessary yet to be very precise in the assembly of volumes. A little more or a little less will not make a difference at this stage. It is always better to have too much …


Next, cut the polystyrene parts (or green moss) to the appropriate form. These parts are sanded with sandpaper, then the stones are carved / drawn using a pen. The more your pen is fat, the more realistic will be drawn shapes.


Here is the result after a few hours of work.
This is not the time to discourage, if you came here you‘re halfway and most difficult’ happened!


For terraces and ledges of the finer details, use the “blue foam”, stronger and more flexible. Cut in a semicircle in length, just stick to the white glue.


Finishing the terraces is made with a mixture of indoor plaster and 1/15 ° of PVA which reinforces the plaster. Rounding with moistened thumb.


The interstices are treated the same way.


We can already start undercoats of paint and clarifications.
The detail of the head of frog from which water flows to fill the lock is achieved simply. The face of a frog sculpture was the model for a mold plasticine, then filled with plaster of paris.


Lock the doors are made separately. Painting and varnishing party “water” must be completed before.

nuton08 nuton09

The water bottom of the rice terraces is painted in trompe-l’oeil: ocher base of bleached and green washes are applied successively.


Having given the effects with greenish wash between the stones (at most, at the wet end), can be adhered flocking and static grass.
Further details are then welcome as monkey statues, rocks


Here, a swing bridge. Let your imagination!


There is more to play!

This game table offers new tactical options.
Apart lock gates where we are one against one, most places give tactical possibilities 2 against 1 (bridges, pontoons, boats and sidewalks on the side of the channel), although a figurine only in defense to block the passage.
The flooded terraces count as difficult terrain and the boats may, 1pt action, move on water.
Models with the leap jurisdiction give heart to joy.