Swordman-Naa of Zay-Hin

Jul 03 alkemy_the_game  

Naa Sabreur

Hi ~ Heth, Bè Eth or Dal ~ Eth, the Naashtis have learned to be wary of their encounters with other peoples. Despite the apparent tranquility on the surface of Mornea, many of these meetings began with clashes and resulted in the fighting. Over the cycles, Naashtis persuaded themselves that a force is at work to destroy life and that few are able to resist. Consisting predominantly Rey~Mez, the swordsmen~Naa have abandoned the Aarth their ancestors to learn the handling of sharp blades. When Oba~Marh’s attends trainings, see spring from the shadows and tossing their sabers from hand to hand with virtuosity, changing every moment of attack, he knows he made the right choice.