Suleman Ifrit’Qaniss

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

The air had frozen, only remained the bite of the sun and its reflection on the stony ground. He leaned against the rock, waiting for the explosion.
He went along lightning, pointing to his Sylphitin mouthals the terrible short blades attached to his hands. The ifrit hesitated, then rushed into the sky, turning on itself. The Qaniss remained attached, linking the quicker strokes.
Fffffe not poffffible, blew the ifrit sylphitin whose form was beginning to fade.
Learn what a hunter ifrit he roared.

The Ifrits hunters are independent fighters of the army of the Republic, fully committed to finding the perfect gesture sequences of the purest and the most deadly. They are dedicated to the beauty of the art of combat to a level of excellence booked that only the best can achieve. But this path requires enormous sacrifices, long periods of introspection and meditation, that few are able to endure without going insane. Those who resign themselves are often broken beings, who suffered a severe disruption of their lives.
Gnawed by their inner demons, these Khalimans seeking to purify their souls in ritualistic fighting, like real death ballets. To overcome increasingly, they confront the most terrible creatures they can find the terrible Ifrits. They are usually found south of the Republic, not far from where the Asfar Desert Ifrits are most numerous. They are beings of the desert, dry and taciturn, who live in the hot sand and in the strictest solitude.
The dip in this perilous quest for ifrit’qaniss the only way to overcome his torment and not go crazy, revenge or hatred: those who have the weakness to abandon these evil impulses can not that finish in the penitentiary of the Tooth! On the contrary, those under this dangerous challenge to their walking absolution and towards a return to serenity in their bold pursuit of perfection. Once found their inner peace, they return to their own advantage and make other Khalimans warriors expertise.