Suleman Ghulam

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Leaping prey prey, the wide Khaliman was wreaking havoc in the ranks of spearmen. Brandishing their swords, they sought to strike the size as well as thrusting, but the ghulam was too fast for them and none of their blows brought. His powerful arms wielded his Har’salim a terrible halberd with ease. Each hit net contrasted an arm or a head. This cold efficiency further reinforced the terror of facing this Khaliman, built as two men.

One detail caught my attention then: a fine white powder residue that looked like dust. But the housekeeper had done its work this morning, so I looked closer this substance that would not have been there. An almond smell …
“From Lunar bite!”
I did not know what was the poison of the Blighted Moon in the residence of the senator, but I had no time to procrastinate: even if he had asked not to be disturbed, I now had to keep it to the eye day and night! Then imposed on my mind the image of the new human cook chosen by the intendant. I hastened my race and défonçai the door of the senator’s office, praying the Prophet not to arrive too late. My Har’salim split the air just at the moment when the cook was pointing a blowgun to master!

The origin of ghulams dates back to the birth of the Republic, when the first senators were appointed and that the rule a Khaliman should not kill another Khalimanhad not yet become the norm. The Republic was still fragile: veterans of the War of the three lines is then proposed to accompany the senators to protect and took the name of ghulams.

Today, ghulams are fully integrated into the army of the Republic, within the body of the Shield. Like their ancestors, they are skilled fighters in the individual defense, even if they are no longer limited to the protection of senators. Alone or in pairs, they escort anyone that the army fit to entrust to their care: their protégés are mostly political leaders, diplomats traveling or simply sheikhs. Their mandate may be temporary or cover a longer period.

If these warriors are not very often faced in battle in favor situations falling more diplomacy, they do not exercise unless a very difficult task: it is their duty to protect those under their care, even if it should be at the cost of their own lives.
The Khalimans Suleman lineage, famous for their courage and their sense of honor, are among the most popular ghulams, especially as their wide corpulence is an undeniable advantage for a bodyguard.