Suleman Choker

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

– You’re a sheikh? And what you want it do me?
You and your fellows, you spend your time running the world to advocate peace and harmony. But you are the heralds of the coming war. You ask the calm that the army or the overseer to implement and do its work. So that your employers can kill your poor interlocutors. Come here, that I explain! The choke chain flew off and grabbed the fly ambassador before he had time to answer …

Stranglers Penitentiary Dent are a species of very specific criminals laid a few problems at the Khaliman Justice. The law of the Republic is formal, is passable for a tooth crime khaliman that the shed blood of another khaliman.
But some Khalimans, smarter, skirted the old law of the Republic and soon became known in the underworld of the great cities like untouchables. For many years after the War of the Bloodlines, these silent killers did to be some fear among the population. Can kill with anything and often simply with their own legs. The situation became tense, even Shaddukiam, and the Senate seemed entangled in endless debates preventing the change of the ancient texts.
A senator, Enala Ibn Malikh, following the assassination of his brother, had been modifying the texts to integrate tooth crime throttle as her pet. After many years of fruitless struggle in the Senate, she decided to make things happen and commandita his own assassination. The event deeply shocked the society and Khaliman shook the Senate, who took immediate action.

There is not much of Intouchables, since renamed Stranglers. Many murderers, including écorcheuses, indeed consider their methods as outdated. The few still alive choke nevertheless remain a threat not to be underestimated.