Sorority and Fadela

Sorority and Fadela

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The Sorority is a sub-faction of the Khaliman Republic. It takes up the theme of the alchemy of the latter and the organization of members of the Sohrna lineage, which provide the alchemists Khalimans. The sub-faction focuses its style of play on the interactions between alchemists and troops, consisting of beings invoked by the alchemists in the history of the game: the Djinn, Ondins and other Geniis.

Primal alchemist miniatures

The Sorority’s gameplay is very particular. Indeed, where the alchemists are only support more or less important in the other factions, they are the keystone of the operation of the armies of the Sorority. Sorority troops gradually lose Life Points as the game progresses. Also the alchemists are they essential to keep all this beautiful world alive and by the way, to increase their competences and martial abilities, to see invoking new miniatures on the ground. Even more than in the generic Khalimane faction, each loss will be a real handicap for the warband. It will be necessary that the player can skillfully juggle between the scenario and the fight, while optimizing his troops thanks to the alchemical formulas. Alchemists are all the more delicate to play, they will often have to make choices between alchemical formula improvements or troop care!

Invocations and free attacks

Advantages: Faction in sub-number, it counts on the support to the troops to compensate this gap, via invocations or gratuitous attacks. Effectively supported, Djinn, Genii and Ondins can become very aggressive and very disturbing for the opponent, especially if they are treated as and when. Last strong point, play a sub-faction of alchemists in a game called Alkemy, it’s still rewarding and represents a real challenge.

Weakenesses: The Sorority is a very delicate sub-faction to play. Indeed, it plays a great deal on the interactions between the alchemists and the invoked miniatures, the latter losing Life Points automatically each round. Coupled with the high cost of Khalimans, and even more so of alchemists, in points of recruitment, one obtains a troop often in under number, relatively fragile and with the very subtle use. The alchemists are the keystone of this sub-faction. If the player loses them prematurely, he runs the risk of seeing his troop fall apart.

Heroes miniatures of Sorority and Fadela

Litam Bint Sorhna

Alchemist Hero of the Sorority, Litam Bint Sorhna is the keystone of the troop it will lead. Indeed, it is the only one able to compensate for the chronic sub-number of the sub-faction, via the invocation of Ondins. It also allows allies to have free attacks, which can allow them to keep their Action Points to play the scenario or defend themselves. It will therefore be particularly important to protect.

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Alchemist miniatures Sorority and Fadela

Sorhna Oracle

OracleIts main utility lies in the fact of offering free reactions to all allies within range, provided they have no more AP. Thus allies can play the scenario without fear of being too vulnerable to attack. And on elite miniatures or even Ghulams, it will not make the opponent laugh at all. His second formula, though easier to cast, is more anecdotal in its use but can save an ally from a calamitous dice roll.

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Sorhna Summoner

Alchemist of the Inner Circle, it is perfect to accompany a Djinn Mahritin and even allows to recruit up to two copies. Gadget, but scary! His alchemy works atypically. His formulas allocate him a certain number of markers, depending on his concentration. It can then spend it to help reduce the damage done to allies and their last to use white dice regardless of their health.

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Troop miniatures of Sorority and Fadela


Ondins can not be recruited into a troop directly. They are only playable, after being summoned, with Litam Bint Sorhna. Their weak profile confines them to supporting alchemists by bringing back components or acting as a bodyguard at a lower cost. They are also perfect for playing the scenario, allowing allies to deal with opposing action miniatures.

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The Geniis are the intermediate troops of the Sorority. They are quite honorable fighters with good characteristics and the Normal Expert. However, they must necessarily be supported by alchemy if they want to hold over time. They have few Life Points and are subject to the Alchemical Decline, just like the Ondins or the Djinns.

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Elite miniatures of Sorority and Fadela

Djinn Mahritin

DjinnThe Djinn Mahritin is the size 3 Khaliman miniature and one of the most affordable in points. It has excellent features but a very progressive damage table. His ability to attack multiple models simultaneously at close range makes him very effective against the opposing forces grouped together. However, it has the default of losing Life Points each round. It is therefore advisable to accompany an Summoner who can overcome this defect, and treat during the game.

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