Sorhna Oracle

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

He felt his heart racing when Khaliman stared at him in silence. Although she was blind, he felt scrutinized in the depths of his soul. His blood ran cold when she spoke:

     “Here’s one that will kill your boss in less than 12 hours if you do not stop now!”

The raven warrior, livid, looked at his shaman shook his head. And they have been warned, but neither had any idea of what the oracles khalimanes.

Born blind, Khalimanes of Sorhna line are collected at birth and raised by the Sisterhood so as to develop their gift of prescience. After a childhood spent Hammarat to study the practice of alchemy, they become the oracles: they are at the service of private individuals or of the Republic, they are immensely respected by Khalimans. Able to discern the frames of the future, they have the responsibility to guide their people. Although they are not fighters, their talents are particularly appreciated by the army of the Republic, but also by the sheikhs who like an oracle count in their escort. More an event is serious, harmful, or likely close earlier is perceptible by the oracle. Their predictions are refined when the oracles focus on their own reflection, even if their eyes are blind.
Even after leaving Hammarat, oracles are still members of the Sisterhood who educated them: they are always the orders of the seven deans and particularly the matriarch of the Sisterhood: Chahida Bint Sorhna an old Khaliman which assembles and cuts visions his sisters to discern the essential lines of the future. None other than the seven deans do not know what the result of this work: the simple revelation of these secrets could upset the future.