Some principles

Jul 21 alkemy_the_game  

Unit of measure:

ALKEMY The game requires the use of a meter for managing the movement and shooting your figurines. The unit of measurement is inches from ALKEMY, said “p” or “. One inch is approximately 2.5 cm.

Some universal rules in ALKEMY:

– Rules on profile cards always override the rules of the book.
Who sees its target is seen by it.
– It is forbidden to measure distances on the board before the resolution of an action involving a measurement.
The distances are always measured from edge to edge pedestals.

Limit launched and kept dice:

Whatever the number of dice bonus / malus gets a figurine of a jet, a player can not pitch more than four and can not add, whatever happens, that two.

Reminder different cost shares in PA:

1 AP to perform a step, a load, a commitment, a shooting, increase the level of concentration of an alchemist, preparing a formula.
2 AP to complete a race.


During a move, whatever it is, it is not possible to cross a figurine, friend or foe.