Sergeant of triadic guard

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

Whatever I try to do, she could counter me! His weapon was a terrible lie: with my sword, I had all the trouble to be able to enter his guard and when fortunately I could manage after countless efforts, it seems my shot of the shaft of his weapon with almost casually humiliating. His assaults had the strength and the edge of the load of a dragon, so that my paltry parades could hardly stop them. I was in love!

From the militia by the reward of a jade load, or simply heir to this charge, Sergeant Triadic Guard was able to prove worthy in to access this responsible position. Part of a dozen guards, he aims to make the elite soldiers of the Empire army. Long workouts he leads must forget these soldiers bad habits they have acquired in the militia. Marches, maneuvers, handling the halberd in all conditions are the daily lot that Sergeant gives life to his guards.
But most important is not there, these exercises would be nothing without absolute obedience that Sergeant requires its guards. You should see them react instantly to the sergeant barking, they must be seen form the square. It is then no army able to cross the barrier of their long guan dao.
A new feature has recently been assigned to the sergeants of the Guard by the Celestials. Before the defections as the militia in the army, the sergeants of the Guard triadic must bring the deserters to obedience.