Sentinel of the Iron Heart

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

You see small feats of this warrior are admired by all and this is normal. He spent many years to repeat his passes in arms, they fell in to break bones to succeed these wonderful leaps. It is a pride for the Empire to have such virtuosos What are you saying? Ah, this thick skin that I use to clean and polish my thick? This is the aurochs leather. Oh no, this saber virtuoso has none. There he is not making prowess, there he is to fight and kill the enemy!

The schools of the Iron Heart form the bravest warriors and the most hardened of Jade Triad. It is therefore normal that the sentinels of the Iron Heart, responsible for the care of schools and support for combat troops, are living examples of the virtues taught by their Heavenly.
Sentinels of Iron Heart are invariably from the province of Nandai, south land of the Triad. The blood of the young men of this region is made to bubble up to the war and before starting a family, many are trying to temper their ardor in acting as guardian or mentor. The Heart of Iron for its part considers that the sentries are the only ones that can ensure the proper transmission of the martial teaching their native school to individuals in other regions. The Art of Heart of Iron, submitted under a warrior “bloodwill thus never weaken or corrupt.

Sentinels have a tradition to place spontaneously under the command of the nearest provincial magistrate when they arrive in a city or establish a school. The magistrates then appeal to the sentries when the use of force is inevitable and that the risk seems too great for mere militia. Some guards have gained their nobility by becoming the guardians of famous schools, but also formidable auxiliaries of justice in areas considered difficult. The Iron Heart knows no border and the vigilance of his guards is proverbial.