Prioress Caelina of the Abbey of Matines

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The door to the mother cell was closed. It felt good twenty times as Jan sister had it, she had yet to notify without delay. The hallway was quiet, no sound succeeded either chamber of the abbess. The sister softly cleared his throat and coughed. Nothing … She knocked on the door creaked open. Mother, a book again disappeared from the underground library, whispered Jan. A blue light illuminated the face of concentrated prioress. Who has authorized to open my door? she asked in a voice cold as the night

Of all the secrets of Ker-kastel, there is one that even the most brilliant spies Cumasc arrive to break: the identity and appearance of lady Eleanor, the regent. His farm and intriguing personality, always changing appearance and aura that surrounds sulphurous
since the death of King sufficient to raise the most fertile imaginations and legends about him abound.
Caelina The prioress, abbess of the monastery unarmed during the Mâtines, the Abbey, and Senior Advisor of the bailiff, is behind all these mysteries. Under his leadership, the first of the three branches you Temple is specifically responsible for monitoring directly on the Beathacrann and courtyard. Also, over the centuries, many links have been forged and, although Avalonian Church is his only mistress, she makes many services to the crown

Thus, all future queens or queens are welcomed into a part of the Abbey called “the convent.” They will receive all the necessary education to their rank and satisfaction from the Throne. The more cynical talk covertly brothel, others see it as an attempt by the Church to spy or control the King. Still, this tradition is very much alive and that lady Eleanor, after the convent as it should, has recently appealed to the prioress Caelina to help defray his regency by providing a number of maids and ladies specially formed company. The abbess would have hastened to answer his request.
But despite this, and the obvious links it has with Eleanor, Caelina is less visible to the monastery. The age would catch up they say, given the miracles it can do, we can not help but wonder: what if Eleanor herself was a Caelina mask?