Pitekica, Shaman Spirit toad Otsiliha

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  • Make your voice live, they will warm you when the world becomes cold.
  • Act now; if you know what to do, do it.
  • A warrior returning from hunting wolves noticed that followed him. It délesta his game and threw to the wolves. They rushed over and made him a mouthful, without abandoning their pursuit. The warrior gave them his bag leather, but that does not merely wolves and he had nothing to offer except his life. He sat down and gave in to the spirits. The wolves disappeared.

Pitekica reviews, reported by Sheikh ibn Ermadhi Udun

Sculpted by Didier Fancagne

Shamansmind are those that provide good contact between the tribe and moguls. Their role as intermediaries favors mostly conciliatory character, cunning or pugnacious, but some are sometimes authoritarian, applications manitous to be performed by the Aurloks of the tribe. They are also the appointed messengers manitous on the material world, where they are responsible for their words and convey their demands.

Niwaca Wosice, shores of Aurlokan, is a territory of choice for Aurlok shaman who wishes to have influence over his people, especially if it’s a shaman spirit. Otsiliha finds herself being a place of rivalry where tribes are trying to take the ascendancy over each other. From the tribe of La-firefly-in-the-night, a small relative of the Sun-who-the-door-sugar Pitekica proudly wears its 30 cycles of existence and its exceptional longevity instead of chaman- Otsiliha spirit where he was able to silence the tribal ambitions.
He spent his early years traveling around Oblaye Itse, forging friendships in many tribes and are spreading the knowledge he acquired in order to break the indifference or even disdain, attracted by the Walosi from other clans Aurloks. His lonely days accrurent its proximity manitous and allowed him to hear voices that few shamans know. He propagated and in the heart of Otankaya Cusoke vote, the czar of tosacans, earning the enmity for long-shaman spirit of La-fury-of-branches.
Over the cycles, voice within Fireflies-in-the-night became more and more important and eagerly awaited returns. The tribe then decided to settle in permanent camp at Otsiliha, gradually integrating in-house d’Aurlokan.

During the fall 1366 cycle, Hlihlila the honcho of the muddy ground, addressed Pitekica and told him the pain that gripped. The shaman then settled permanently in the capital and made his own the words of Hlihlila. He convinced the Walosi to found a new port on a rocky island in Niwaka Wosice, north of the city and elsewhere to prohibit the stone constructions.
Otsiliha was none changed, but the new port made the city prosper and its people and took Walosi used to listen to the opinions of Pitekica. To silence the nascent resentment, Hlihlila spoke by the mouth of Pitekica and showed his gratitude by doing accompanied by a polyphonic choral society of multicolored toads.