Otankaya Cusoke, the great forest of tosacans

Aug 19 alkemy_the_game  

The Bayou Wakpa Cepe suddenly stops to give way to the rich lands of the great wild forest tosacans haske these majestic trees whose height is over 100 meters.
Without that nothing suggests, the waters disappear suddenly and humid and fluctuating green succession of bright and persistent green. Our feet can finally tread firm ground, made soft by the thick layers of moss and downy leaves tosacans.

We are in Otankaya Cusoke, the vast forest. A legend tells that to fully go from east to west, a lunar would not be enough. This is certainly exaggerated, but few, even experienced hunters Waya, tried to check it.

As might be expected under favorable climate Mako Sungwapa, this forest full of animal as plant life. It is even difficult for some species to say whether it is plants or animals, such as Itka Kiye.

Once the heat is felt and a light mist veil the forest, these strange pinkish-white flowers flutter in bunches and attach themselves to animals that graze to suck moisture by their rootlets. Within seconds, a reckless sukawicasa can be covered, it will only take two minutes to Kiye Itka to dry completely.
It is said that a warriorthunder was hit by one of its flowers whose roots were embedded into the heart. It took several Selenes to succumb, screaming in pain.

But beyond the variety of species, is the variety of landscapes that surprises. This forest with huge trees so disproportionate that we can apprehend a glance, even though their tops would not be camouflaged by a tangle of vines and other plant parasites, this forest offers varied visions

inextricable chaos of mossy branches,

low forests arisen no one knows how a rocky mass,

crystal clear freshwater reservoirs,

or the amazing greentunnels galleries.

But the gaze stops when the heart of the forest, when we spotted a trail perched high in the forests.
Access to such a path is unthinkable without the consent of those who travel the the Wolves Uwasa, forest city.

A long and thick fence resting on the trunks of tall trees surrounds the Uwasa Solitaire. The only access to the city, out of a seemingly doomed Titanic door, these are tree trails, closely guarded.
The city is home to only few buildings on the ground, a few large towns where huts are held powwows, a building for the reception of the few nomadic tribes and enclosures for tahcas the hairy wood.
The essential role of the fence is to protect the mine alchemical stones, precious flint Aurloks shamans.

It’s looking up as we really measure the population of the city. Properties such nests, are installed in the foliage and interconnected by a network of bridges, ladders and ropes.

Each of these nests is home to a family consisting of two adults, the vast majority of the Wolves, and a few elders. Small have no fixed abode and decide according to their desires of the nest where they will eat or sleep. It’s the wider community that takes care of their education, to the point that it is not uncommon for adults do not really know which are their own children.