Olivier B.

Jul 17 alkemy_the_game  


Fig78, Fontenay le Fleury

Alkemy and Minicréateurs

How did you discover Alkemy?
Among those who have mounted Kraken, there were buddies.

Army (s) played (s):
Khalimans and Jade especially.

Character (s) favorite (s:
Hakim and the Karbicheick Chinge. It is completely harmless to fight but are kings to block the opposing tactic, if properly handled.

Scenario (s) favorite (s):
Territorial conquest” and “Transport Fund.

What you like about Alkemy?
It is strategic and fun, there is no need to paint 100 figurines to play, players are alot of adults.

Under what conditions do you play in Alkemy?
Especially in tournaments and friendly game when I can find a niche with Baloo or Tween.

What is your approach to painting miniatures?
The figures have to be painted, it is the basis of the spirit of a figurine game. Otherwise, much to find another game with cardboard counters. I love painting, but also convert and sculpt my own figurines, as well as creating the profiles of their cards with real photo above.

Do you manufacture game boards or decoration?
Yes, but I have no place to store them.

What are your favorite Alkemy figures?

Would you like to see in Alkemy?
Quality figurines kraken” who regularly come out.

Would you like to add?
Alkemy is good, eat it.