Of Tranquility to the Alchemical War

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The era of Tranquility

The first moments of each new peoples passed serene seasons created by Architects. And during long cycles, the peoples forged a clean civilization. This era is called the era of Tranquility.
The Naashtis developed an underground network that would allow them to be able to go anywhere Mornea order to study all the features offered by the world in which they lived.
The Khalimans developed a society free rein to their love of beauty and the arts in all their forms.
The Aurloks under the tender gaze of their father, flourished in harmony with their environment and loved above all listen to long stories of their creator.
Humans, driven by Orhöm, became Dao, grew particularly quickly. They colonized a large country, and created the foundations of an empire.

The era of Alchemical War (754-807)

Over 700 cycles after the death of Orhöm, men were finally ready to conquer Mornea. Triad assembled the heavenly host, and in 754, his legions departed to conquer the continent. The heavenly host jin progressed following the terminals and thus found the necessary resources to achieve the most devastating mystical effects. This was the beginning of the alchemical war.

The conquest of Oblaye Itse

villageThe conquest of Oblaye Itse, Aurloks territory, began with unequal weapons: Aurloks were convinced pacifists. They had no military training and few were those who resisted. The heavenly host slowly seized of this vast land and exploited its many alchemical careers. The Aurloks, for their part, had to flee to escape the massacres.
The heavenly strategists, carried by their arrogance, but had neglected the diplomatic balance that existed previously on Mornea. Walking on Oblaye Itse, peaceful and prosperous land at the crossroads of nations, came back to give them a decisive advantage and attract at once the wrath of all other peoples. The Khalimans once allied with Naashtis soon after and sent their armies to liberate Aurloks and end the threat posed by men.

The shock was terrifying. The men opposed cycles during their martial discipline and many of Khalimans agility and strength of Naashtis. The power of alchemy, one inherited from the broken glass Fresco cycles earlier, however, gave them a decisive advantage. Frail children
Dao won victory after victory; nothing could stop the human tide wash over Oblaye Itse.

The exile of Naashtis

A new chapter in the alchemical war began when the Celestial decided to concentrate their
efforts on an enemy and then the other, rather than to face them together. They left it up to the Blighted Moon deciding the first target and how the Jade Triad would dispose. The Heavenly mysterious decided to honor the symbolic animals of clans: the black cobra Moon
Blighted Naashtis would face directly while the rest of the heavenly host would head to Khalimans while completing colonize Oblaye Itse.
The following cycles marked forever the memory Mornea. While the Iron Heart Khalimans and held them exterminated Aurloks the Moon Blighted dealt a fatal blow to Naashtis. Armed ignoble artifacts provided by the Breath of Dao, his assassins poisoned the sources, ruined food stocks. Naash children, exhausted by their colossal losses both Oblaye Itse in their own homeland in 783 disappeared from the face of Mornea.

The Battle of Gigage Gadusi

The naashti ruled threat, Jade Triad decided to finish once and for all with Aurloks to focus as quickly khaliman on the front.

Garde triadique

The Iron Heart, supported by the Breath of Dao, launched a massive offensive on Aurloks survivors gathered in the plains of Gigage Gadusi. The chiefs of staff thought it unnecessary to send scouts. It was anyway to carry the blow to a dying people.
Although they took wrong: when the assault was made at dawn, the soldiers of the heavenly host were faced with processed Aurloks war beasts by an unknown power. Their appearance borrowed those rampaging beasts, offering a striking contrast with allegorical animals martial schools in the Jade Triad.

The Battle of Gigage Gadusi was the first defeat in a long series and marked a turning point in the campaign of conquest of Jade Triad. The Aurloks fugitive turned against the attackers and put Oblaye Itse with fire and blood. The heavenly host had to redeploy to face this new threat to which it was not prepared, leaving the opportunity to launch Khalimans turn victorious offensives.
The celestial army was still strong enough to crush the Aurloks untrained and fewer Khalimans it. The war, however, promised to be more difficult and longer than anticipated.

Repère d'alchimistes

The end of the war not finally came battlefields who opposed the Triad to Khalimans and Aurloks but its empire even inside.
Some paths were high within it to carry the research further the alchemy to deal with new threats to the Empire.
These channels eventually be singing that could not ignore the Celestial, for the good and the balance of the Jade Triad.
In 805, so they decided to strike hard and fast. But what was to be punitive expedition against a dissident current alchemy eventually became a civil war and it ended definitively weaken the Triad who could not fight on three fronts simultaneously.

In cycle 806, the Kingdom of Avalon proclaimed sovereign.

In 807, the Triad, bloodless, negotiated a peace treaty with his opponents. As a sign of goodwill,
Triad agreed to participate economically in the rehabilitation of looted and ransacked by 53 places merciless war cycles.
The treaty was signed in the plains of Gigage Gadusi in the presence of a new diplomatic khaliman dedicated to justice: the sheikhs.

This treaty marked the beginning of an era of harmony.