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Club Sartrouville SFJ (78) dwell in Marines (95)

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http://www.sfj78.fr/sfj/forum/ – http://alkemy.webkido.com/index.php

How did you discover Alkemy?
It must have been in 2008. I saw Igor and Barbouille a game in my club. Barbouille played Aurlok and Igor played the Triad, and something that appealed to me instantly, is to see Igor estimate the shooting triadic archers. I believe this is the first thing that attracted me as a spectator. And then I was introduced by Barbouille, I suffered 3 defeats. I wanted to change faction to Avalon, I could not see how to successfully fight my opponent, but I finally persevered Triad Barbouille to overcome, and then to control better and better this faction.

Army (s) played (s):
All, hard to say that I have a preference, it depends moments. I started the game with the Jade Triad and after 3 defeats against Barbouille who initiated me, I wanted to change to Avalon, thinking it would be less difficult in terms of game, but by going to the forum Alkemy, I asked questions to find out how to defeat my opponent perennial then with Jade Triad, and getting answers, I managed to overcome the following 2 times. So I stayed in triadic colors for several months, managing to play better progressively, even up to victories in tournaments against the best players of the time (The terrible Sered and Jugger who were the bugbears tournaments). In January 2009, I played for the first time against the Khalimans that Letchaï played, and this part in the tournament was a terrible crush on that faction, particularly at this time when the Khalimans were organized around the oracle. And then I enlarged my collection of figurines until Alkemy completeness, and I started to play all the armies, each with its interest now … I love playing toads also, I like many have a theme list on the table, as much by the unity of color figures, as the gameplay it imposes.

Character (s) favorite (s):
Undoubtedly Kabircheikh Hakim Ibn Khalid. This is for me the most beautiful profile of the game until then. Already the model is superb, and then have a figure that is pacifist, who has no vocation to fight, in a game where you frequently use combat cards, dice rolls to simulate the clashes, I find this approach as magnificent game. And it requires a true mastery of the game, in terms of investment to poison the opponent.
The second that I love, it’s Xian Ling. Somewhat in the same way that the Kabircheikh is an atypical profile. His rule “acrobat” which is really funny, your opponent rage when it afflicts a superb shot which sees offset by the success of the skill “acrobat”. And its formula “air diversion” is lovely. Invert 2 figures on the battlefield, is really unique in this game, and again, we must control the placement, anticipating for a surprise …
I think I prefer these two characters because they are atypical, really apart in the way they play, but hey, it is as much fun to play Ibrahim, Garlan, Wolitse subtlety and barter for a little violence

Scenario (s) favorite (s):
I have several that I prefer … The first that comes to mind is “chests” that is timeless. It’s simple, it’s a “classic”, it has long existed but I find that each party does not like, I think it’s one of the best. There is always possibility of a reversal, it really is tactics. The second that comes to mind is “alchemical machines,” perhaps in memory of the discovery of this scenario, a few days before the final 2009. This scenario brought something new, a different mechanical . Same, there are plenty of things that can tip over, it remains tactic until the last moment, each part is different in this scenario.
The same level as these 2 official scenarios, there is “the spores of Amanita” is superb, both in the areas of deployment, as in mechanics. You have to grind the head to calculate where the spore will explode and try to control those that do not explode. A classic as I find …

After that, there are fans” scenarios that are really very good, most are as good as each other (the rats of the penitentiary, the sewer vents, territorial conquest, interrogate prisoners, mercenaries, hunting scureuils, fund transport, etc …), with a preference perhaps to mercenaries” and “hunting scureuilsI find that Kurlem found 2 interesting mechanical, different, original, but c is above all a matter of taste anyway …
And finally, I also participate in the creation of scenarios, I try to find interesting mechanical, unusual deployments, a different context, it is not obvious to propose and think of something original, which n ‘ has not been done. There are some which I am quite happy and others when I know it could have gone further (the lights of the city gives me a sense of unfinished business for example). It is difficult to speak of his own scripts and wearing his preference, the one I find the most original is the “gates” (it will not fix my reputation triturated brain), provided, I do not think it ‘ is one that provides the most fun to players. Another for which I am rather satisfied with the result, it is “transporters”. Funny story that this figure will be found from one end to the other of the ground, it allows many situations and then mechanics to borrow teleporters is nice I guess … In another register, “totems” which has one side “fun” is also an aspect that I like in the scenarios. I know some players do not appreciate in tournament, finding it too “random”. Yet I do not find that this is the case and I always thought that we can control the card system by bluffing or not (and trying to find if your opponent is bluffing or not) and combine with the totem on which we will want to ask the symbols, but it does not seem to be the case for most of the players, I feel really understood instantly. For “the sandman” I think I found a slightly different deployment scenarios of others, and also a somewhat different mechanical … For “Collecting stones” is the story of the stones accumulate the same color is nice I think. “Footprints” is a bit of the same register as “gathering stones” but there is a concept of bluff in this one …
The interest primarily when creating a scenario is that it is fun to play, and the players are enjoying play it again every time …

What you like about Alkemy?
Hard to say what I like, so I like things in Alkemy. Probably in the first place the universe that I think is very characteristic. Genesis was a real bomb when it was held in his hands, discover all these profiles, all the stories of the people, the cards, the incredible depth of the universe, its wealth that I became a fan. And then the game of course, for me it is the best game figurines. In part, you understand the game, I think it gets to mix play simplicity with a tactic wealth. As much you get to easily understand the game, so you have to play to deepen your knowledge of the game and manage to play better. And then there is a real constant interaction between the two players, including the fight card system where you have to guess what the opponent plays to put the right card. Not to mention of course the 3 colors of dice related to health status, with symbols and joy when the masses fall To this you add the scenarios that provide mechanical, different problems … For me, it’s always a pleasure to play a game of Alkemy, and always after 5 years of practice. This is another thing I like when I play Alkemy is that I spend a good time with my opponent is a nice mix of reflection and fun

Under what conditions do you play Alkemy?
Whenever I go to my club, it is rare that I do not play Alkemy. I am fortunate to have a dozen alkemystes players in my club, so there is always someone up for a game. And being in the Galleon team that manages the rules and profiles, there is always something to test, profile, a scenario … Obviously, chronic is also a good excuse to play it ‘ is nice because there is a little challenge in this context individually and in teams. Besides, it enables testing of army composed, play new scenarios. Finally, I also love tournaments, because it’s always a nice meeting with players sharing the same passion of the game, we spent a whole day to play and talk about Alkemy and as and when there a true friendships that develop. In addition, the competitive side is secondary, players are in a great mood, everyone is there to have a good day, for fun. Each time I tell myself that this is a huge opportunity we have when we know that there are isolated gamers seeking opponents … If in addition, there is some sun and that one can have a barbecue lunch, what more? Oh yes, the masses on the dice …

What is your approach to painting miniatures?
This question is going to laugh all the people who know me. I am foremost player not “figuriniste” I paint out of necessity, especially for painted figurines in tournaments out of respect for my opponents who sometimes have beautifully painted miniatures. The minimum is to have at least painted figurines. To talk technique is a clever single tchékoslovaque mixture. The material is very important. On the one hand the bomb underlayment, no need to take some sort of appropriate brand, a bomb cheap does the trick to make a good thick tarry. The important thing is to have a model that sticks to the fingers after the underlayment. However, I have changed, I was the black undercoat initially I white now, the figure does not stick to your fingers and you can still see the details of the figure after underlay. As for brushes and paint, I must have the same very old equipment for 10 years. This material is “generic”, not specific to the miniature painting. My inimitable style probably comes as hardware … I think anyone who is a little figurine painting fall in apples at the sight of my material
I believe that first of all, I spend a lot of time so many things around the figure that I can not devote time to sit down and try to get as bad as last time. I happened to take some pleasure in painting figurines sometimes. Proud? No, not exaggerate

Do you manufacture game boards or decorations?
Yes, I made game tables for the format blitz”, especially for the final. It was fun because the tables are smaller (60×60 cm). I had already done previously but tables were not that great. There I managed to do some cool stuff, very far from some tables but it’s still a proper game table for a tournament I think, better than a green carpet or a corner table. I have not really read the article to know how to do, I go a lot on instinct. Of wood glue, scraps of paper painted some point in the table, fine sand, a total black undercoat on the table and then 2-3 layers of different colored paint. I realized and 12 tables. Some are less worse than others.
With scrap polystyrene, I realized 6 decorations for the table. A little cutting knife to prevent the “square” side, wood glue, sand, black undercoat and painting. Again, I try to go to the basics in order to spend the least possible time.
I had prepared plans to have slightly different tables each other, having different divisions. Each table had to take me an hour on average

What are your favorite figurines Alkemy?
I think my favorite figurine for now is the inquisitor of the dragon guard, sculpted by Olivier Bredy. I find this figure simply superb. There is a balance, a really special dynamic. The kabircheikh is really beautiful too, we feel the preciousness of the character. Then I love the dynamics and 2 camel ghulam running. I love also the man Jaraya reinforcement starter, one who has a patch over one eye. Finally, I believe that once lined up on the table, it’s the toads that I prefer to see there really a friendly and fun aesthetic

Would you like to see in Alkemy?
The release profiles of others one day I know who are still hidden for now, and to see the development of this wonderful world

What you would like to add?
Spread the word to shout very strong: Alkemyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy