New Khalid Skinner for escapees

New Khalid Skinner for escapees

May 15 alkemy_the_game  

Khalid Skinners are a special troop among the Escapees. Indeed, they are the most versatile miniature of this little warband, which are the Escapees from the Prison of the Tooth. Despite a lack of mobility and AP, they have the best DEF value of the game as well as high COMBAT and REFLEX values (5). The very average Damage Table (DAM) is made up by the Sequential Attack (which becomes very strong with the previously mentioned characteristics) and the Tendon Cut Skill, which allows them to keep the extra dice of the COM roll on the Sequential Attack, increasing the possibility to hit and to increase Damage.

Against troop miniatures or already wounded

They are perfect to eliminate the opponent’s already wounded miniatures or to beat the troops with low COM. They can quickly cripple the opponent’s miniatures thanks to the combination of their special skills. They can to be hard to hit due to their high DEF (Reminder: a miniature with COM 3, like the base troop, cannot mathematically touch a miniature with DEF 12, when they are in Critical).

Skinner KhalidA miniature to handle with caution

In accordance with their above-mentioned raw statistics, we really want to keep the Khalid Skinner at the front line, nevertheless we must be cautious. Indeed, the Khalid Skinner has few weaknesses. On one hand, a very progressive Damage Table, although offset by the Sequential Attack, isn’t immune to a bad die roll which will inflict little damage. On the other hand, they have only two AP, which limits their field of action for an elite troop and can leave them threatened if they are outnumbered. Finally, they are quite expensive (26 pts). So they will often be in direct competition with the Suleman Choker (which has other benefits, in particular 3 AP), when you create your warband.

Second-line miniatures

Therefore, the Khalid Skinner is better as the second line to eliminate wounded and low defense miniatures. In addition, you can send her as a missile against an opponent’s miniature to deal two Brutal Attacks with Sequential Attacks improved by Tendon Cut, but you must be cautious of other opponent’s miniature’s counter strikes (and pray not to miss the die rolls).

It is possible to include two Khalid Skinners in the same warband, but it is a daring gamble, sacrificing mobility for defense. The choice depends of the rest of the warband and the strategy employed by the player.

Profile card of skinner khalidFirst list: shooters and skinners

Hakan the One-eyed
2 Convicts of the Tooth
2 Khalid Skinner
2 Malikh Plunderer
This list uses 7 miniatures. This is relatively high count and plays on the combination of the shooters and the Khalid Skinner. The shooters will be able to hurt the most of the opponent’s miniatures, and allow the Khalid Skinner to eliminate them quickly. The Convicts of the Tooth complete the list to achieve the objectives of the scenario. Be careful however, the list is composed of only 2 AP miniatures, except the Character. Therefore, you must quickly slow down your opponent’s mobility by first targeting the 3 AP or more miniatures.

Second List: six miniatures for a polyvalent troop

Amn Ayassar, Pyritin ifrit
2 Convicts of the tooth
1 Suleman Choker
1 Khalid Skinner
1 Malikh Plunderer
This list bets on its versatility: 6 miniatures, few shooters, a good power in COMBAT, a better distribution of AP than the first list, even if this list has fewer miniatures. The Khalid Skinner role, besides as always to finish the wounded (they are not outlaws for nothing) will be more to attack the lesser troops before they can attack the Character or the Suleman Choker, which have a weaker DEF.
Ideally, to succeed, it must charge two miniatures simultaneously and attack each, which, with a little bit of luck can neutralize them for a turn.

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