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Eastern limit of Oblaye Itse with the desertwithoutend, the massive Atalvi Akataha sharp contrast to it by its vegetation and relief.
Both the Skan Yakela (desertwithoutend) is flat, so the Mountains too highrise skyward their steep sides that block the horizon. As much one seems empty of vegetation, so the other is wooded. Both the first is aridity and dust, so the second is rock and streams.

The massive Atalvi Akataha consists of peaks forming two natural barriers Cukas Wasiyata Cukas Wasicu north and south border with the Empire of the Triad. The remaining mass is constituted of a wide valley dug by the Woanapte surrounded isolated vertices connected by bottom folding sharp.


The northern and western slopes of the massif bordering plateaus Mako Itsapo are particularly steep. But, unlike the rest of the region, they have a steady supply of rain through the clouds stopped by the peaks.
A vegetation of pine and thorny bushes clings and opens pathways Aurloks wishing to access high altitude meadows and highlands. Yet few of them are trying to access.

The mountains are indeed the place of residence of small tribes grouping Mato, members of the Bear clan. Assisted by some shamans Wolves guards or minds, they occupy Aurloks cemeteries and protect the dead as the living.
These tribes, the dancersthepeaks, wideFeet-in-grass, traveling from north to south along the hilltop trails along the valley Woanapte to keep access. Shamans have declared taboo since the end of Alchemical War and the discovery of the Deadwhowalk.
Since the outbreak of Mato, it is the members of his clan who have the responsibility of protecting the spirits and the living of those who haunt the Atalvi Akataha.