Mornea map

Jul 03 alkemy_the_game  

When Dao died, clans swore on their honor to follow three principles.
The Leng clan, renowned for the value of its diplomats, adopted the name of the Snake Astral and its motto was the first principle of Dao “ Discover the world “. His Heavenly gathered around him dozens of men and women and went abroad. They paddled along Mornea in wide and pitched in the cards.


The cards were then established repeatedly copied and are still used by the people of Mornea, Empire members like the others!
Unfortunately, some cards have been lost and the details appearing on the first cards were forgotten or erased. Today mapping work mainly consists of copying and maintain the established card then. The exploration work must be repeated to fill the losses and rediscover the forgotten lands.
Bartol OMEU has quietly set about this task on behalf of sire Arthus.