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Club :
Championnet figurines et jeux / Paris – Team of Stratèges Gabelous

How did you discover Alkemy:
Through various communication channels at the same time. Ravage tempted me, the blogurizine inspired me, and when I said find a game other than games workshop to club members, Laerthis suggested I try this game that made me the eye since a long time.

Armies Played:
The Aurlocks. First for their very historical for my taste (it is not explained ), then for the figurines that have a look and then denied to the challenge of playing with the pacifists of the Stone Age against big ageux means … I also have a Triad army base Jade (300 points) that I bought for three reasons: I wanted a second batch of dice and the ability to change faction at times, I already of Asian home decors, Laerthis has Khalimans and Avalonniens

Favorite characters:
For sculpture, Tanka Wanka. The loincloth one side makes me laugh again (I need only little) outside the Nation Aurlock the Kharbicheik is the most beautiful, but it made me laugh, it will remain number two. For the history: Watanka Venerable. The character who best represents the Aurlock faction. A shaman, ancient warrior, he sees things, he feels things, he is not alone in his head … For its unbeatable warrior profile: I do not care what kind of detail.

Preferred scenario:
I still have a few parties under my belt (three tournaments and four games off the tournament), I will say the rats in view of my experiences on this scenario.

What I like about Alkemy:
The game is easy to learn and explain the game system can play without necessarily beat everything that moves, it is on a skirmish format and can spend time on each model (I just missed out on my aurlock in retrospect). History is fun for once, there is no grand ultimate villain kills, each faction has different reasons for fighting. The story of the creation of the world at the beginning of Genesis is poetic, it makes you want to get into the game and in the universe. In Blitz format, it is played faster and more.

Under what conditions do you play Alkemy:
Especially in the tournament. A Sartrouville. At the club, Championnet it happened, but we ran out of time. It really start that during the year I think.

What is your approach to painting miniatures?
I love to paint and convert figurines. I learned the technique long ago in Bossant at Games Workshop (no heavy metal, either) and since then I progress to the point of worship take my head and learn new tricks. When I paint a figurine for the game, it depends on the time I have. If it is urgent (as Alkemy I was registered for a tournament before buying figurines ), I quickly presentable but no frills. If I have time, I enjoy myself and I take two weeks on a part.

Do you manufacture game boards or decorations?
Yes, this year warhammer two tables for the club, and Bushido table (medieval Japan in 60×60 format). At home, much less, for skirmish games, or 15 mm. I envision a more complicated scene this year for the Batman game.

What are your favorite Alkemy figures?
In order of Genesis: The Kabircheick, Tanka Wanka Warrior Manitou Auroch, the Inquisitor dragon guard (he class) Lotharius (because of the picture in Genesis especially)

Would you like to see in Alkemy?
The output figurines described in Genesis. There‘s work … Good luck. Why not a new faction, like the Shawshank Redemption, but I do realize that it is a job and you have to integrate it in the logic of the universe and not to make an unbeatable stuff and play at all costs (the Ogre Kingdoms syndromeit seems), to add variety to the parties.

Would you like to add?
A major change for the moment, we can not measure. This is both a rule that I easily forget (the start of the tournament, for example), but I find it a bit restrictive for quite little interest in terms of play. However, this change implies a profound revision of certain concepts the game. When adding stuff, can be half hero. Let me explain the format with 180 points, playing a single character named. So, if you want to cram both a character and an alchemist PA 4 in the band, it is blocked or must make choices not necessarily funny. With a Hero class below 4 PA without big special rules and with a generic profile (limited to one per band, for example, but not a character), one could consider recruiting a character in an anonymous alchemist + 4 PA + troops. On the other hand, it may just be a problem Aurlock player who wants to play very thematic factions (the composition with only crows do not make for shaman or hero beefy 180, one can also say too bad for me).