Militia Lancers

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

I know these spears do not look very practical: they seem bulky and can not be launched, contrary to what their name might suggest. One might think they are more decorative than anything else. But do not think that we train the militia only for decorum. A philosopher once said: “Give me a lever and I will move the world.” I answer: “Give me my spear instead and the world, I will stop the net!”

The militiamen are fighters who have not received heavenly load; they are therefore not officially part of the heavenly host as the imperial representatives do not appeal to them. In practice, however, the militia formed the backbone of the military power of the Jade Triad: scattered across the territory, they ensure the maintenance of order and represent a caste to which anyone, as they provide arm and a spinal cord, can access. Although corruption burst here and there in their ranks, and they are not known to be the best warriors of the Triad, they are nevertheless extremely large armed force whose value s’ has never failed over the centuries.
The militiamen are trained in basics of martial arts and more than half of them wielding spears with some skill. This weapon has only advantages: it is easy to manufacture, operate and maintain. His reach also allows combat and repel bigger opponents, as Aurloks or better equipped as horsemen.