Militia Archers

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

See the archers of the Triad in motion is always a moment of frank hilarity: encumbered by their much larger arcs than them, they advance trampling, is annoying each other and risking at any time to one of their colleagues éborgner with the protruding ends of their weapon. By cons, once they are in position and that the arcs rise to heaven, we no longer wanted to laugh! They are able to pierce a beetle over 200 feet. Your armor will not hamper long

Archers from the militia are often hunters who donate their talents to the Jade Empire. Others are professional soldiers who prefer the address to brute force. Everyone hopes that the arc will find its rightful place in the Jade army alongside weapons called “noble” handled by other units.
The arc has yet been proven for a long time. Only the traditions born from the struggle of the art and philosophy of the Tao prevent archers militia talk as equals with triadic guards. In recent decades, however warlords teach ranged combat virtues to their students and, increasingly often, the general major schools make first call for archers militia before requesting reinforcements lancers. Aligned in a workforce that only the people’s militia can provide, archers can shoot real clouds of arrows that fall on the enemy as deadly rain. Such saturation shooting not only offers the possibility to cover the advance of the troops but also undermines the morale of the enemy.

Several masters of the Iron Heart already considering the shooting instruction arc with an increased number of warriors. Such a decision, however, would add a new chapter to the art of war and the Triad must first obtain the approval of the Celestials. In this case, there is only one solution: to prove the superiority of the arc on the spear in combat!