Military Organization of the Jade Triad

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The bout, third principle of Dao, an integral part of the culture and society of the Jade Triad.
His army is the best trained, best equipped and most numerous of Mornea. Only the coalition of other people associated with the secession of Avalon was able, during the alchemical war, slow its progression and require his staff to review its strategy. Conquest is now considered an economic angle but times change; Skirmishes broke out more and more regularly on the borders of the Triad and around its counters. The heavenly host is already on the alert and waits for the slightest opportunity to take revenge.

A mountain, three banners, four and thirteen paths cyclones

The heavenly host has thirteen divisions called “cyclones”.
The capital, Yu Cheng, has only one division, the celestial cyclone, whose main role is to lead all other divisions. Its members, mostly composed of cobra guards, dragon and tiger, however, are able to provide all types of operations and undertake covert operations in the Triad.
Each of the other four provinces (Beidai, Dongdai, Nandai and Xidai) includes three provincial divisions, one for each major clan of the Jade Triad: Iron Heart, Moon and Dao Blighted Breath. Each division carries the name of the sacred animal of his clan (cobra, dragon or tiger) followed by the cardinal direction (north, south, east and west) of his home province compared to Yu Cheng. Thus, the “hurricane of the eastern dragon” means such division related to Dao Breath and attached to the province of Xidai. Warriors cyclones wear the colors of their province and the symbol of their clan.

triade2The military hierarchy of the Jade Triad is simple and pyramidal, for purposes of clarity and efficiency. It comprises six grades, in increasing order of authority:
The soldiers form the bulk of the troops;
Sergeants supervise groups of soldiers;
Captains supervise the activities of companies;
– Each cyclone is under the authority of a commander;
A general in charge of all the cyclones of a province;
The Celestial are the supreme commanders of the army. They command the heavenly cyclone, which has the power to rally any other cyclone under its banner.
The heavenly host finally obeys the rules of discipline and hygiene as its huge workforce demands. The two most known rules are those of Dao‘s voice and the voice of jade:

The voice of Dao stipulates that in case of dispute, the authority of a soldier‘s voice Dao prevails over the others. This rule is based on the principle that Wanli, founder of Dao Breath, collected the last breath of Dao patriarch. His disciples speak with sacred votes and the judges of the nation.
The voice of jade, higher than that of Dao, stipulates that the authority of a soldier with a jade load overrides
that of a soldier who does not. Jade loads separate the elite of the people!

The Sleeping Dragon

The men not only as a nation but also an army ready to sweep again on Mornea. The Celestial and their rulers willingly compare to a sleeping dragon, ready to wake up at any time.
triade1bFor one, the celestial army is composed mainly of professional soldiers, maintained by industry and the people of the nation. They maneuvered regularly border of the Triad of jade, to the full knowledge of other peoples. These maneuvers serve a dual role: lead the nation’s elite to war and deceive the enemy about the actual capacity of the Triad.
On the other hand, Tao philosophy prepares men for the rigors of combat and military discipline. The complex social hierarchy of the Jade Triad lets everyone know his place in the social hierarchy of his city, province and nation. A simple edict Celestial could, in a few weeks, raise a strong conscript army of hundreds of thousands of individuals trained in martial arts, educated and endowed with military rigor. These reinforcements under the command of the current heavenly host would inevitably motivation: any feat is rewarded with a jade load guarantor of privileges for the elite.