Medusa Hunter for Utopia

Medusa Hunter for Utopia

May 22 alkemy_the_game  

Last Utopia’s reinforcement, the medusa hunter have an unusual profile but that combined well with the faction’s tactics. On the offensive side, her progressive damage’s table, except for double-sword (4/1/2/2/3/4) , her very high reflex (6) and expert (quick) give her a lot of choice when using a combat card. A Quick attack card could surprise the opponent giving you a bonus dice, make good damages and assure you to hit first. Medusa Strike allow her to poison her opponents for next(s) turn(s), even if the Medusa hunter is killed in the mean time.

A poisonous miniature

This poisoning will greatly increase the damages inflicted by the medusa hunter with a minimum of two extra damages that can even continue to apply a turn to the next without no limits if you have lucky dice (half of the results allow it to continue). With the poison damages, inflict a single damage at first can be enough to severely injured the enemy target. This is also a good way to be free to choose any combat card, making her adaptable according to the actual opponent. In the other hand, in late game, take care not to kill your opponent’s last miniature due to this poison. That would bring a draw… Also, be conscious that her attack value (4) is quite low for an elite troop . Once wounded, she may have difficulties to hit target with a high defense value or enemies using the combat card parade to avoid poison.

A legend miniature

As a minor advantage, her Legendary hunter status offer her a spirit of 8, useful for initiative rolls and to resist to alchemy. Also, the ability legendary hunter provide her from using only red dice once in critical condition (even if, once she’s in critical condition, you should worry for her safety !).

Be careful to vulnerability

As a disadvantage, there is only one but a huge one : she remain really fragile, as are many utopian profiles. Nine health points, a defense of 10 and no ability making her tougher. That make us vulnerable to everything an opponent could send her back : from a basic troopers’ shot to an elit warrior that could kill her with a few slaps.

Long reach and medusa strike

You will have to maneuver her carefully. Several strategies can be applied. It is possible to send her against isolated targets ; her action points and martial abilities should allow her to kill the target quickly. It is also possible to use long reach to turn her into a missile to hit as many enemies as possible before dying. This way, she could use the poisoning of Medusa strike to many opponents that will grow weaken and weaken. In any case, you will have to avoid all range strikes : shots, hives, alchemy… This way, she will arrive to battle in the best conditions.

Lis 1: legend’s hunter

Lerofon, master of waves
Leviathan hunter
Medusa hunter
2 sailors
1 necromorph
This thematic list use every miniatures possessing the Legendary hunter ability. She’s rather polyvalent, with a good number of AP. The idea is to play the two non-hero legendary hunter on the same front, covered but the sailors. The two of them could keep busy most of the enemies that should use heavy weapon to take them down. You shouldn’t hesitate to disengage the medusa hunter and let the Leviathan hunter deal with the enemies. Lerofon will mostly be here for the secnario objectives and support the troop from time to time with his formulas.

List 2: Puljanar and long reach

2 Manikin
2 Chora guardians
Medusa hunter
This list is abording the theme of Puljanar and Long reach ability. Three miniatures use it (and twice can immobilize) and three are frightening. About he gameplay, it use strangulating at maximum and penalty dice to slow your opponent. The medusa hunter’s role is to systematically attack strangulated our frightened miniatures to fight in optimal conditions and avoid engagement (thanks to long reach) or heavy damages. She can also play the objectives while enemies are busy elsewhere. However, this Utopian list don’t use any shooter that can neutralize from a distance dangerous opponents. Si this is not a problem for the manikin that can heal themselves but the medusa hunter will have to be especially protected.

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