Malikh Venator

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

My fingers were bleeding again. The bites are slow to heal was told the instructor. But I was proud of myself, scope had finally agreed to be nourished by my hand. Their training could start and I was now a Beastmaster. Looking at the whip that I exhibited my belt, I do not regret the long hours spent in the braiding.

Some Khalimans dare to approach the terrible khergars of Asfar: by providing them with food and water they need to survive, they manage to coax them with patience. This task is particularly dangerous and those that are doing best are generally the Malikh lineage. Their extraordinary reflexes in addition to help protect wild animals, seem to inspire khergars some form of respect. These seem to recognize them from other predators, which helps to build relationships between the Beastmaster and animals.

Soon, these formidable trainers have joined the army of the Republic where their talents were appreciated at fair value: they can simply point the finger as a target for khergars rush it and reduce it to shreds in a matter seconds.

The Belluaires were integrated to the body of Sâaridan. Despite their effectiveness, they are not appreciated by others Khalimans warriors. Accidents are probably many, khergars again becoming uncontrollable beasts when their Beastmaster is no longer in sight. But this resentment is also due to the attitude of Belluaires who are aware of belonging to an elite, readily proud to show their colleagues, especially to those jarayas.