Malikh Tuareg

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

I so wanted to see Nedjma more often live with her, make her beautiful children … but I see her leave again. It almost sounds like it is leaking this city and this life, which she adapts a few days, sometimes only a few hours.
His only companions are his bow and arrows she lovingly manufactures with the tenderness and gentleness of a lover. Although she grants me some of his embraces, she will never be mine: it is Tuareg and it belongs only desert. […]

The three dunes cut the lines of sight and breath of simoun choking noise and shock: no doubt it was why smugglers thought they could plunder this alchemical vein stones without the Khalimans not noticing.
Focused on their work, they did not see the thin silhouette is flowing from cover to cover and approach silently, nothing in this desert could not escape the Tuaregs. The price of this error was certain death.

Stay covered!
But where it comes from chef? Who takes? J’vois nothing!
– We have already lost six men and impossible to locate this archer! This is probably a Tuareg Khaliman sniper somewhere in height and, although he is probably alone, we never manage to locate the
Damnation! And to think we were about to make prisoners talk! Sound the retreat! We bar! And abandon the prisoners!

Nedjma could not help to smile when the last words reached his ears.

When alchemical war, Khalimans have had to fight a terrible war against the Iron Heart in the center of Asfar desert. The scouts who lived in the desert, the Tuaregs, were the first exposed human legions and especially their formidable archers in the desert, the total lack of cover allowed them to cause heavy casualties among Khalimans. The Tuaregs adapted themselves and adopted the bow as a weapon of choice. It did not take long for the Triad taste of his own medicine by discovering that children Khalim were as adept with a bow with a scimitar.
At the end of the alchemical war, when the body of Arc was established in the Army of the Republic, the Tuaregs were the first to be integrated. Always patrolling the fiery Asfar expanses of desert, these austere warriors enjoying the flat horizons of their arid land for unobstructed sight lines that make the toughest shots possible. But they have not forgotten the discretion that characterizes their former function as a scout.
Although it belongs officially to the army, they rarely include the rank, preferring the desert dunes cantonment barracks, a requirement that their staff is forced to tolerate these exceptional archers because, like all the Khalimans who live in the desert Asfar, the tuaregs are taciturn and lonely.